2014 Honda Hybrid Cars: Ultimate Guide

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2013 Honda CR-Z hybrid coupe [UK specification]

2013 Honda CR-Z hybrid coupe [UK specification]

Japanese automaker Honda has been in the hybrid game from the very start, releasing the quirky, two-seat Insight back in 1999.

Since then, the company has sold a variety of other hybrid models, and currently offers four to U.S. consumers.

We've compiled reviews and articles for each Honda hybrid to bring you a full guide to the current range. Click the model name to see the car's full review, and click on links for relevant information on each vehicle. You'll find the Honda CR-Z on this page, the Insight on page 2, the Civic Hybrid on page 3 and the Accord Hybrid on the fourth page.

You may also be interested in our article reviewing the next generation of Honda hybrid--this is what future Honda hybrids will be based on.


2014 Honda CR-Z
35 City, 39 Highway, 37 Combined (CVT)

The Honda CR-Z is unique in being the only hybrid currently on sale with the option of a manual transmission. That's because Honda is positioning the CR-Z as an enthusiast's car, mixing the twin benefits of fun driving characteristics and miserly economy.

Honda CR-Z First Drive

Performance from the 1.5-liter hybrid-assisted engine may not set your heart racing, but the CR-Z is still one of the most fun hybrids to drive, and if you opt for the continuously-variable transmission, 37 mpg combined is within reach. Stick shift nets you 34 mpg combined.

The CR-Z's future is currently hanging in the balance. Low sales in Europe have led to Honda canning the model there, but it seems to be hanging on in the U.S--we're sure to find out its future in the next year or so, though.

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