Really, asking how a 533 HP 2011 Honda CR-Z sounds is a bit of a trick question because before you can answer you have to ask if it is going for economy or speed. Bisimoto’s 2011 Honda CR-Z rocked the SEMA show this year by proving that high horsepower and performance can still have a green side; A very fast green side.

The Bisimoto may not be a production version of the 2011 Honda CR-Z, but it does show that the same spirit of customization that harkens back to the CRX is alive and well in the Honda family. It also gives hope for the future of the hybrid and electric vehicle segment by showing that you can still have a manual transmission “sports car” that is fun to drive and still able to be reliable and streetable. At certain points in the automobile’s history you had to choose between high horsepower, high speed fun or drivability and economy. The CR-Z opens a whole new world of possibilities, but there are some things still to be considered.

Since the Bisimoto 2011 CR-Z is a custom tuned car it is hard to say how much one would cost—we would guess that the turbocharger and retuning of the 1.5-liter four-cylinder isn’t an inexpensive proposition. Kind of reminds us of the Tesla. So in a nutshell the Bisimoto CR-Z is impressive and gives this automotive writer hope for the future of performance cars, however, the cost of the technology still seems to be a barrier to the masses adopting this exciting type of hybrid transportation. We can’t wait until these are Miata-affordable. Check out the video below to see live shots of the car from this years SEMA auto show.