By this point, pretty much everyone can identify a Toyota Prius by its shape, and knows that it's a hybrid-electric vehicle.

And most people know that Toyota sells many more hybrids as well.

But how many of them can you name?

Turns out that Toyota offers 23 separate and distinct hybrid models globally--many of which we don't get in the States--as we learned on the Toyota Hybrid World Tour media event.

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So here's a little quiz for you.

Get a sheet of paper, and write "Toyota Prius" at the top.

Then write down as many Toyota and Lexus hybrid models as you can think of--the ones that are sold in your home market.

Draw a line.

Then add "Europe" and "Asia," or if you're outside "North America," add the two regions you don't live in.

2013 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Hybrid (for Japanese market)

2013 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Hybrid (for Japanese market)

See if you can think of any more hybrid models you know of.

Hint: They're not all cars.

We'll give you one freebie: the Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Hybrid, a large, ultra-cushy rear-wheel-drive four-door sedan for affluent "older gentlemen" in Japan.

We reviewed that car yesterday, and concluded it's essentially today's hybrid Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham.

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Seriously, though: For green-car fans of any stripe, this may be an instructive exercise. How many Toyota and Lexus hybrid models CAN you name?

We've put the complete list--as confirmed by Toyota--on the second page of this article, starting with the models sold in North America (where many of our readers live).

Start writing ...

OK, got your list?

Here's the full roster of the 23 hybrid vehicles Toyota sells worldwide.

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For ease, we've broken them down into regions--although many of them are sold in more than one region.



(Europe also gets the Prius, Prius Plus, and the Lexus CT, GS, LS, and RX hybrids)


(Many of the models listed above for North American and Europe, naturally including the entire Prius range, are sold in Japan as well)'d you do? This is a self-reported quiz, so we're trusting you to be honest.

But leave us your scores in the Comments below.

And tell us which hybrid you'd secretly like to own!

Toyota provided airfare, lodging, and meals to enable High Gear Media to attend the Toyota Hybrid World Tour event and bring you this first-person report.


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