• Faraday Future FF 91

    Most reports on startup electric-car maker Faraday Future tend to describe it as "struggling," and that may be an understatement. It halted work at its Nevada-based production facility in 2016; the startup company's main backer, China's LeEco, acknowledged this past May it was experiencing financial problems; and Faraday Future has been clamoring for investment since this past summer to keep itself afloat. Following an emergency $14 million loan from California-based Innovatus Capital Partners, Faraday Future may now have found a savior in India's Tata, the parent company of luxury maker...

  • Tata Magic Iris Ziva (Photo by Indian Autos Blog)
    Is This Tata The Smallest Roadworthy Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle In The World?

    The Ziva is a hydrogen fuel-cell version of the Tata Magic Iris small commercial van.

  • Tata Nexon Concept  -  2014 Geneva Auto Show
    Tata AirPod Compressed-Air Car To Launch In Hawaii This Year: Report

    Tata may launch an air-powered car in Hawaii.

  • Honda Vision XS-1 concept [Photo courtesy of MotorBeam].
    Tiny SUVs Shown By Chevy, VW, Honda At India Auto Expo

    Automakers unveiled several small SUV concepts at the 2014 India Auto Expo.

  • 2012 Tata Nano
    World's Cheapest New Car, Tata Nano, Gets Diesel Option

    Diesel may be taking a while to catch on in the U.S, but in India the diesel market has exploded in recent years. It's no surprise that automakers have been making the most of this, and the latest to do so is Tata, whose Nano--the world's cheapest new car--is soon to get its own diesel option...

  • Top-secret Tata composite car styled by Marcello Gandini?
    Top-Secret Tata Composite Car Styled By Lamborghini Countach Designer Gandini?

    Humble cars designed by supercar stylists are nothing new. The original Fiat Panda, one of Europe's best-loved cars through the 1980s, was the work of Giorgetto Giugiaro, best known for cars like the Lotus Esprit. The first-generation Volkswagen Golf was another Giugiaro product. Marcello Gandini...

  • Line of Tata Nanos (Image: Tata Nano Facebook page)

    It probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but with hindsight Tata's desire to sell the world's cheapest car hasn't quite worked out the way they hoped. In a nation where many still can't afford a car, the $2,000 Nano was set to be a revolution. But five years after launch, reports Bloomberg (via Autoblog), the company has sold just 229,157 Nanos in total in India--and is now considering a move upmarket to encourage sales. If that sounds counter-intuitive, it's all down to how the Nano is perceived in India. Indian buyers may be poorer than their counterparts in the west, but image is...

  • Tata Pixel Concept, 2011 Geneva Motor Show
    Tata Nano Hits U.S. & Europe By 2015: How Will It Look?

    Tata Motors chairman Ratan Tata recently assured the world that his colleagues are working on a version of the Tata Nano for the U.S. and Europe. It's due to arrive within three years. That raises a couple of important questions: (a) is such a thing even possible, and (b) if so, what would this...

  • Airpod compressed-air cars, 2009
    Are Air Cars Really An Option, Or The Next Alt-Fuel Joke?

    Remember when electric cars were considered a bit of a joke? With talented options like the Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S and others currently on sale, it's easy to forget that a few decades ago, their image was very different. No style, no performance, no range--electric cars conjured images of...

  • Tata Indica Vista EV
    Electric Car For Less Than $20,000? Tata Thinks It's Possible

    Electric cars have not one, but two monkeys on their back. Range anxiety, and price. Whether you believe each is truly a problem will depend on your own circumstances, but there's no doubting that consumers used to inexpensive cars and hundreds of miles on a fill may be a little wary of the modern...

  • 2012 Tata Nano
    Tata Reboots Nano, World’s Cheapest Car, As Coolest Small Car

    When Indian automaker Tata launched the world’s cheapest small car, it gave thousands of people across India the chance to own a car of their own for the first time. While the cheaply-built Tata Nano might combine utilitarian construction, simple engineering and frugal motoring, Tata has come...

  • A123 lithium-ion cells
    Battery Maker A123 To Supply Cells For Tata Hybrid Buses

    Lithium-ion cell maker A123 Systems announced today that it would supply complete battery packs to Tata Motors, the largest vehicle maker in India, to be used in hybrid systems for commercial vehicles. The lithium-ion battery packs will first be deployed in city transit buses in the latter half of...

  • Tata Emo Electric Concept

    If you’re of a certain age, the word Emo evokes images of sulking, depressed teenagers with jet-black hair metaphorically drowning in a world of sorrow, complex poetry and dark, emotional music. So you can understand our amusement when Indian automaker Tata decided to name its latest electric mobility concept vehicle the Tata Emo. Yes, the curse of electric-car-names-that-also-mean-something-completely-different has struck again. Due to be officially unveiled next week at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, the Emo is almost the antithesis to the group of depressed teens that share its name...

  • Tata Manza Hybrid Electric Concept
    Tata's Expansion Continues: Manza Hybrid Due At Delhi Show

    As recently as five years ago you could be forgiven if you'd never heard of Indian automotive giant Tata. Now, the company is best known in the States for its ownership of Jaguar Land Rover, and if you're a Green Car Reports regular, the tiny Nano minicar. In its native India Tata is much more...

  • Tata Nano
    Does Osama Bin Laden Keep Pakistan From The Tatas It Wants?

    Despite a bumpy start, including some early examples of spontaneous combustion, the tiny Tata Nano is starting to fulfill the promise of bringing a four-wheeled automobile to India's masses at the world's lowest price. This hasn't gone unnoticed next door, in Pakistan. A Pakistani conglomerate...

  • parking ticket  -  flickr user alicegop
    FAIL: U.K. Meter Maid Tickets Electric Car While it Charged

    Police traffic and parking control officers have an important job: they help keep traffic flowing in major cities and also ensure that cars are parked legally and safely. But local authorities in the U.K. city of Coventry are under fire after one of its parking enforcement officers ticketed an...

  • Tata Pixel Concept, 2011 Geneva Motor Show
    Video: Tata Pixel Concept's 'Spin On The Spot' Parking

    It's not coming to the States--at least not for several years--but the Tata Pixel concept shown at last week's Geneva Motor Show is worth paying attention to. It shows how a more upscale four-seat urban car could be built on the underpinnings of the tiny Tata Nano, the world's cheapest new car. One...

  • Tata Pixel Concept, 2011 Geneva Motor Show
    Tata Pixel Concept: Nano's 69-MPG Pal, 2011 Geneva Motor Show

    The world's least expensive new car, India's Tata Nano, is now selling across that country, with plans afoot to offer an upgraded version in Europe this year or in 2012. Meanwhile, carmaker Tata (which owns Jaguar Land Rover) is hardly standing still. At this week's 2011 Geneva Motor Show, Tata...

  • Tata Nano

    We've always had a soft spot in our heart for the tiny Tata Nano, the world's least expensive car and India's equivalent of the Ford Model T that put the U.S. on wheels a century earlier. The Nano may or may not ever be sold in the United States, though Tata says a revised version will be offered here in 2012. But as full-scale production ramps up in India, a fleet of nine Nanos has completed 26 days of long-distance driving across India, visiting 36 cities along the way. The stunt was a combination of marketing scheme to remind Indian car buyers that they can now order Tata Nanos--for...

  • 2011 Tesla 2.5 RHD
    Sports Cars, City Runabouts Electrify 2010 Bridgestone Eco-Rally

    The small, seaside town of Brighton UK, some 50 miles south of London, has often been the destination for many a weary Londoner keen to take in its pebbled beaches, kitsch souvenir shops and traditional fish and chip suppers. But today it wasn't sticks of sweet sugary ‘seaside rock' candy cane or...

  • Tata Nanos shipped sideways on flatbed rail car outside Bangalore, India, from YouTube user Auroajay
    How Short Is a Tata Nano? Enough To Ship Sideways On a Train

    You've surely seen car-carriers full of brand-new vehicles on the highways. But many new cars roll out of the factory onto trains that carry them over much of their journey. Now a new video from India shows a trainload of diminutive Tata Nano minicars passing by an onlooker in Bangalore. The...

  • Tata Nano Europa at Geneva Auto Show
    Tata Nano, World's Cheapest Car, To Be Sold in U.S. in 2012

    The world's cheapest car, India's tiny Tata Nano mini-car, will be sold in the U.S. starting three years from now, says its maker. Company chief Ratan Tata told reporters at the New Delhi Auto Show, underway today, that it is now adapting the Nano to meet stringent U.S. crash safety requirements...

  • Tata Nano Europa at Geneva Auto Show
    Tata Nano Hybrid Headed for the U.S.?

    Is the diminutive Tata Nano Hybrid coming to America? According to a report in The Maeil Business Newspaper out of Korea, Ratan Tata, chairman of Tata Motors, says the Indian automaker could sell the gas-sipping four-seater in more established markets like those of the U.S. and Europe. Tata was...

  • 2009 Tata Nano
    Tata Nano: First Ride Report, But Is It Green?

    No, they didn't drive it, but a few weeks ago, CAR magazine got the first-ever ride in a Tata Nano

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