• Tesla Model Y

    Panasonic says it may not have the juice for the Model Y crossover, Aston Martin tracks the Rapide E, and Illinois looks to tax EV drivers.

  • Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle
    No more rumble: Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle arrives in August, costs more than $30,000

    Update, 3/7/19: Harley-Davidson announced a longer range estimate for the LiveWire at the Geneva auto show in March, which this story has been updated to reflect. A chief electric motorcycle competitor, Zero, had just released the SR/F, with 160 miles of range and fast onboard charging. Forget loud...

  • Zero SR/F electric motorcycle
    Zero SR/F electric motorcycle charges in an hour—without the hunt for DC fast chargers

    If you already appreciate some of the remote connectivity features and quick charging of a modern electric car, the Zero SR/F electric motorcycle that was revealed earlier this week at last translates much of that to the motorcycle realm. With 110 horsepower and 140 pound-feet of torque, and a...

  • Double charging a Zero electric motorcycle
    How I rode 4,000 miles on an electric motorcycle for $10

    Each summer I ride my electric motorcycle over 4,000 miles to show how easy it is. Except it wasn’t actually easy—until this year. What I mean by that is that it wasn’t easy and practical until this year. MORE: The 2017 Zero Electric Motorcycles lineup Of course it was easy in...

  • 2016 Harley-Davidson Softtail Slim S by Ed Tahaney
    Harleys with no emission controls: a much bigger problem than you know?

    Harley-Davidson owners are highly likely to remove emissions controls from motorcycles, one group claims.

  • Harley-Davidson Street 750 by Alvin Dharmawan
    Harley-Davidson actually sold emission defeat devices itself; will pay $12 million fine

    Harley-Davidson settled with the government over the sale of devices that increase emissions.

  • Harley-Davidson Street 750 by Alvin Dharmawan

    When looking for green transportation, does it make sense to opt for two wheels instead of four? Motorcycles weigh significantly less than cars, and generally have smaller engines. That means they use less fuel than the typical car, and they also require fewer raw materials to make. DON'T MISS: Electric motorcycles return to Pikes Peak to race into the clouds But does that mean motorcycles are greener than cars overall? The answer to that question is a bit complicated. This question was brought into the limelight back in 2011, when the Discover Channel show MythBusters aired a segment on the...

  • 2014 Ford Fiesta EcoBoost SFE, Catskill Mountains, NY, Jun 2014
    Small Cars Now Deliver Fuel Efficiency of Big Motorcycles: How'd That Happen?

    How are fuel-efficient are some of today's smaller cars? It turns out that they now actually equal the fuel economy of larger motorcycles--which is pretty amazing for a four-seat vehicle weighing more than a ton. Especially since the motorcycles returning comparable gas-mileage figures weigh about...

  • Crossing the state line into Maryland on a recent electric-motorcycle road trip  [photo: Ben Rich]
    Electric Motorcycle Ride From Mexico To Canada: My Summer Road Trip

    Summertime is upon us: barbecues, beaches ... and electric-vehicle road trips! As electric cars and motorcycles gain popularity, more and more people can venture farther afield thanks to expanded recharging options. Cross-country road trips in Tesla Model S sedans are now commonplace, courtesy of...

  • Gathering of electric motorcycle riders  [photo via author Ben Rich]
    Electric Motorcycle Gangs: You'll Never Hear Them Coming

    Bikers are pack animals by nature. They like to ride in groups and enjoy the open road with a few friends. Biker gangs are well known to ride together wearing the same leathers. Group rides for charity are common in the summer and fall riding seasons. Clubs form around brand names and styles of...

  • Energica Ego electric motorcycle, test ride, Bear Mountain, NY, July 2014
    Energica Ego: Test Ride Of New Electric Superbike

    Increasing numbers of electric motorcycles are coming into the market--but now Energica has upped the ante with its Ego electric superbike. This is a high-performance machine with all the right specs to give an adrenaline rush to any avid motorcyclist. And now, we've test-ridden it. Riding along...

  • Snapshot from road trip through N Carolina, Tennessee & Virginia on 2012 Zero S electric motorcycle
    Electric Motorcycle Road Trip: What I Learned, What You Need To Know

    Last summer I took a cross-country road trip with a group of people driving different types of electric vehicles. It was an amazing experience, and our trip, our adventures, and our misadventures were portrayed in the documentary Kick Gas. That experience gave me the idea to take my own road trip...

  • Johammer electric motorcycle

    There are two types of green vehicle fans in this world: Those who wish you to know they've picked the latest green vehicle, and those that don't. Anyone who chooses Austrian firm Johammer's electric motorcycle will peg themselves firmly in the former category. It is, by quite a margin, the weirdest two-wheeler we've ever clapped eyes on. ALSO SEE: 2014 BMW i3: Polarizing Looks, Average Range--Can It Succeed? And we can't really beat Gizmag's observation that it looks like you're riding a terrified snail. From the eye-like mirror stalks to the curved, amorphous form of the body, there's more...

  • 2014 Brammo Empulse R electric motorcycle
    Naked Brammo Empulse Amps Up Electric Motorcycle Sex Appeal (Video)

    Electric motorcycle maker Brammo knows how to attraction attention: Get naked. Or, more specifically, strip down one of your hottest electric motorcycle to show off what it's made of. The company built a cutaway version of its Brammo Empulse R for the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas...

  • Hero RNT diesel commuter motorcycle (Image: MotorBeam)
    Indian Maker Hero Unveils Diesel-Engined Motorcycle Concept

    Diesel-engined cars are nothing new these days, even if sales in the U.S. are yet to catch up to ever-popular gasoline vehicles. But little is ever heard of diesel-engined motorcycles. Between gasoline bikes and the new breed of electric models, few seem to have explored the diesel concept. Indian...

  • Lit Motors C-1, electric gyroscopic motorcycle [Image: Lit Motors]
    Lit Motors C-1: Electric Motorcycle That Won't Fall Over

    The trouble with motorcycles, as anyone who has ever suffered road rash will tell you, is that falling off is actually rather painful. You have to try much harder to fall off a car, but those aren't without issues either--they're rather heavy, and that makes them relatively inefficient. The Lit...

  • Custom-Built Electric Superbicycle
    Zero Motorcycle Engineer’s Bicycle Is Quicker Than Porsche GT3 RS

    When we visited Zero Motorcycles’ headquarters in Scotts Valley, California to test-ride its 2011 2001 model year electric motorcycles, we got to meet some of the hardworking engineers responsible for ensuring the company remained at the forefront of the electric motorcycle world. And while...

  • 2012 Zero electric motorcycle range
    Zero Announces Faster, Longer-Range Electric Motorcycles For 2012

    Californian electric motorcycle firm Zero Motorcycles has just announced its 2012 range of all-electric motorcycles at the 2012 International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, Italy. Faster, more powerful, and with options available to give over 100 miles of range per charge, the 2012 Zero S, 2012...

  • Motorcycle exhaust pipe, courtesy of Discovery Channel Mythbusters

    When cable TV’s “MythBusters” program recently investigated the idea that emissions from motorcycles are gentler on the environment than emissions from cars, they burst the bubbles of eco-enthusiast motorcycle riders—and put a small New York company’s innovative emissions testing technology into the spotlight. Since the “Bike vs. Car” episode of the popular sci-tech show first aired on September 28, “We have had an increase in queries about services, requests for interviews, job-seekers, and inventors that have the latest gizmo and widget that...

  • Engage Electric Dirt Bike
    Brammo Electric Motorcycles Bring Off-Road Playground To The U.S.

    Brammo Motorcycles -- the Oregon-based electric motorcycle company -- has concentrated for several years on bringing electric motorcycles to the masses with its Enertia commuter motorcycle and more recently, its Empluse sports bike. But now the company has embraced the high-adrenaline world of dirt...

  • John Petsche with his record-setting homebrew 350cc diesel motorcycle running on vegetable oil
    Homebrew 6-HP Motorcycle Sets Biodiesel World Speed Record

    Combine a whole bunch of parts from motorcycles, go-karts, industrial machinery, and even generators, and what do you get? In John Petsche's case, he not only built a motorcycle that runs on store-bought vegetable oil, he managed to take home a world speed record for the 350cc Alternate Fuel class...

  • Mission Motors Mission One electric motorcycle prototype
    Electric Powertrain Manufacturer Mission Motors Nets $9 Million

    Mission Motors, a manufacturer of electric powertrains that go in electric cars and motorcycles, announced today that it has raised $9 million in its second round of funding. Mission Motors makes powertrains, which are the drive units for electric cars that include a battery, charging system...

  • Vespanomics infographic, brought to you by Vespa and Mint (detail)
    Can Scooters Save The Planet? We Have Our Doubts

    You don't need to be a mathematician or a fortune-teller to figure out that most modern scooters are more eco-friendly than their four-wheeled kin. But can they really save the planet? A new infographic circulating across the web claims they can. Unfortunately, it doesn't tell the whole story. The...

  • 2011 Zero XU Motorcycle
    Charge Anywhere: Zero Launches 2011 XU Electric Motorcycle

    Imagine the scenario. You want to ride an electric motorcycle but your apartment is on the 28th floor, there are no power sockets or reserved parking in your apartment garage and the idea of dragging your ride up to your apartment in the lift isn’t an option. So just how do you get to run...

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