Zero DS Motorcycle

Zero DS Motorcycle

Zero Motorcycles has unveiled their new "dual sport" bike designed to take on dirt trails and smooth pavement. Marketed as a zero-emissions motorcycle that can go anywhere, the so-called Zero DS features an aircraft grade aluminum frame and a lithium-ion battery back to store power.

"The Zero DS is designed for motorcyclists who want the freedom to ride wherever they want," said Gene Banman, CEO of Zero Motorcycles. "It is the world's most versatile electric motorcycle. You can cut across a dirt trail on your way into work or ride the tarmac to your favorite trail-head."

Zero claims that the new motorcycle is non-toxic and nearly 100% recyclable - two factors which should be very appealing to their target demographic. The price of the bike may not be so appealing. At $9,950, the Zero DS is on the pricey side, compared to equivalent products sold by Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki. Nevertheless, those motorcycles all use gas.

If the thought of a multi-purpose, zero-emissions motorcycle appeals to you, visit Zero's website. You can't buy the Zero DS anywhere else.

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