We've speculated before on the future of hot rodding in the world of electric cars, but one aspect that's already taking off is electric vehicle racing.

We've seen Think having a crack with the City EVCup, and the TTX GP is becoming a popular series for electric motorcycles. And it was a TTX GP bike, the Mavizen TTX02 that lined up last week next to Citroën’s stunning Survolt concept car on Thruxton race circuit in the South of England, the fastest road course in the U.K.

Riding the TTX GP motorcycle was series leader Jenny Tinmouth, with Belgian Le Mans driver Vanina Ickx, daughter of legendary Formula 1 racing driver Jacky Ickx.

Ickx said: “This was a fantastic experience. The lack of engine noise made it a very interesting challenge.  Normally you have an idea where your opponent is by their sound, but with electric vehicles it’s so much quieter – a new racing dynamic".

The TTX GP, known as the eGrandPrix, aims to prove that "clean and green can be lean and mean", offering zero carbon, clean emission racing with series in North America, as well as series in the U.K. and Europe. The GP visits circuits such as Infineon Raceway, Road America, Mosport International and Virginia International.

The bikes themselves produce 68 horsepower - not much compared to modern superbikes but more than enough to have fun in a 485 lb bike. 0-60 miles per hour is dealt with in only 3.5 seconds and the bikes reach over 130mph.

Citroën’s Survolt concept is also relatively lightweight, tipping the scales at just over 2,500 lb. Power comes from two electric motors making 300 horsepower. It can reach 60mph in five seconds and tops out at over 160mph. Citroën claim the range is as much as 124 miles.

Ickx added: "I had a lot of fun".

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