Brammo Motorcycles -- the Oregon-based electric motorcycle company -- has concentrated for several years on bringing electric motorcycles to the masses with its Enertia commuter motorcycle and more recently, its Empluse sports bike. 

But now the company has embraced the high-adrenaline world of dirt bikes with the acquisition of a European chain of activity centers devoted to off-road electric motorcycles that it plans to introduce to the U.S.

Announced yesterday in an official press release, CEO and founder of Brammo Craig Bramscher said that Brammo had successfully completed the acquisition of electric off-road adventure chain Quantyaparx.

Currently based in Europe, Quantyaparx has facilities in Germany, Austria, Spain, Sweden and the U.K. -- and make it possible for motorcyclists to experience dirt bike riding in places where noise pollution or environmental concerns would prevent gasoline motorcyclists from riding. 

As part of the agreement, Quantyaparx will be rebranded BrammoParx, and staff from KOM Enterprise GmbH -- the firm responsible for inventing the Quantyaparx -- will all begin work at Brammo. 

“We are excited about this acquisition and we will be introducing our latest 6-speed off-road Brammo motorcycles - The Engage and Encite - to BrammoParx locations at the earliest opportunity”, said Bramscher in a company press release. “We will also be making the BrammoParx franchise opportunity available in other countries, including the USA.”

The BrammoParx will be open to all ages and abilities, from seasoned bikers through to people who have never ridden a motorcycle before. Even children will be allowed to ride a suitably tuned electric motorcycle. 

The acquisition fires a warning shot across the bow of rival electric motorcycle firm Zero Motorcylces, which has dominated the electric off-road dirt bike market to date with its line of zero-emissions motocross electric motorcycles.


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