Panasonic says it won't have enough batteries to supply the Tesla Model Y. The Aston Martin Rapide E shows up for hot laps in Monaco. States consider new fees on EVs. And readers weigh in on which classic EVs they'd like to buy. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Amid an industry-wide shortage of batteries and materials to build electric cars, Tesla's main battery supplier Panasonic says it won't have sufficient supplies for Tesla to ramp up production of its 2020 Model Y SUV.

Aston Martin brought out its new electric Rapide E for hot laps at the Monaco E Grand Prix, complete with video.

As other states adopt new tax incentives for EV sales, Illinois heads the opposite direction with a proposed $1,000 registration fee on electric cars to pay for road maintenance.

Our readers stretch for the stars with hopes for a classic EV to put in their own garage in our latest Twitter poll.

Hyundai announced a partnership with electric supercar maker Rimac that could net the Korean automaker an all-electric sports car.

Finally, for those too hungry to make it home, Burger King plans to send out hamburgers for delivery to drivers stuck in traffic—via motorcycle.


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