A utility-managed program in California promises to install 38,000 chargers over five years. Amazon orders more electric vans—but this time not from Rivian. and Bollinger reveals an electric van it says could arrive in 2022. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Bollinger last week revealed an electric delivery van, called the Deliver-E, that stands in stark contrast to its Bollinger B1 SUV and B2 pickup. Bollinger said that the van will start production in 2022, although the company hasn’t yet announced where the B1 and B2 will be built starting next year. 

California has approved what is claimed to be the largest public charging program ever from an investor-owned utility. The $437 million program will add 38,000 charging stations over five years. 

Amazon has agreed to buy more than 1,800 Mercedes-Benz electric vans in Europe, including 600 mid-size eVito vans and 1,200 larger eSprinter vans. Neither of these models—including the upcoming EQV electric passenger van—have been confirmed for the U.S., however. 

And a large lot of used BMW i3 police cars from a controversial LAPD program have shown up at a Los Angeles dealership—fortunately with Certified Pre-Owned coverage. Would you like to own an electric car with police pedigree?


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