Bollinger Motors hasn't yet begun deliveries of its electric B1 SUV and B2 pickup truck, but on Thursday the company unveiled a third model. It's an electric delivery van called the Deliver-E, which Bollinger said will start production in 2022.

While it shares powertrain components with the B1 and B2, the Deliver-E doesn't fit alongside the other two vehicles in terms of styling. Its more modern, streamlined design almost appears closer to that of electric vans from UK-based Arrival than anything from Bollinger's own lineup.

With loading docks and ramps, it's also hard to see how such a long, low overhang would be practical.

The Deliver-E will only be available with front-wheel drive, but Bollinger said it would offer multiple wheelbase lengths and gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR), including Classes 2B, 3, 4, and 5.

Multiple battery-pack sizes will be offered as well, including 70-kilowatt-hour, 105-kwh, 140-kwh, 175-kwh, and 210-kwh packs. Bollinger isn't ready to quote range estimates, however, or discuss pricing.

Bollinger Motors DELIVER-E van

Bollinger Motors DELIVER-E van

Bollinger has teased the commercial potential of its truck chassis, so this is potentially the next step in its plans for commercial vehicles.

It's also shown a series of work-truck layouts afforded by its chassis, using a B2 pickup cab.

But Bollinger said the Deliver-E is built on a different, van-specific, platform—without offering much detail.

The company has demonstrated some innovative packaging with its B1 and B2 models, including a pass-through running the length of the vehicle, but this van just appears to make room for a whole lot of space, uninterrupted by driveshafts, fuel tanks, and exhaust systems.

Bollinger's trucks will be engineered in-house, but manufactured under contract by another partner, not yet announced. The company previously said customer deliveries of the B1 and B2 would start in early 2021.