• Tesla recalls 11,688 Cybertrucks for a faulty windshield wiper motor
  • Tesla recalls 11,383 Cybertrucks for a loose trim piece in the bed
  • The recalls affect nearly every Cybertruck manufactured through June 6

Tesla issued two separate recalls covering nearly unit of the 2024 Cybertruck, the NHTSA disclosed Tuesday. A piece of trim on the trunk bed frame can loosen and detach, creating a road hazard for other drivers. Separately, the motor powering the massive front windshield wiper can fail

Like many new cars, the Cybertruck has had a rough rollout into the real world. The recalls include all Cybertrucks built since Nov. 13, 2023 through the end of May or early June. Together, these mark the third and fourth recall since the Cybertruck went on sale late last year, including a recall for unintended acceleration in April that covered virtually every Cybertruck made up until that point. 

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck windshield wiper motor recall 

The Cybertruck's futuristic design includes a steeply raked front windshield that's so long it reaches above the front axle. Instead of equipping it with two wipers as in most traditional passenger vehicles (the GMC Hummer EV SUV has three small wipers because the front windshield is so squat), the Cybertruck uses one long wiper that measures about four feet long.

The motor powering that long blade may not work due to "electrical overstress to the gate driver component," according to the NHTSA's filing. Tesla found the wiper motor supplier used excessive current in testing that may have damaged it. Late in May, the supplier performed tests successfully on the motor with a lower current.  

The recall of 11,688 Cybertrucks built from Nov. 13, 2023 through June 6, 2024, will be remedied by a new windshield wiper motor installed at Tesla stores and service centers at no cost to owners. Owners can expect notification and instructions by mail as early as Aug. 18.  

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck loose bed trim recall

The second recall involves 11,383 Cybertrucks built from Nov. 13, 2023 to May 26, 2024 for a loose piece of trim on the bed frame that can lose its adhesion and separate from the vehicle. The "sail applique" are on either side of the bed frame rail on the top sides of the truck. Owners may notice a flapping noise in the cabin, or may see it come loose.  

Tesla said it will replace or rework the sail applique with appropriate adhesion. Owners can expect notification and instructions by mail as early as Aug. 18, to take their Cybertruck into a service center at no cost. 

For more information on either recall, contact Tesla customer service at 1-877-798-3752 or visit Tesla's recall portal