Tesla has been given a purchase tax exemption from the Chinese government. We drive Lincoln’s new plug-in hybrid. The Ford Explorer Hybrid gets fuel economy numbers. And could rust generate power? All this and more at Green Car Reports. 

After a short stint behind the wheel of the 2020 Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring plug-in hybrid, it’s seeming less like a leap ahead for Lincoln and more like a placeholder until the brand’s fully electric models arrive. 

The 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid now has a full set of EPA fuel economy ratings. It earns a rating of up to 28 mpg combined, which is 4 mpg better than the most frugal non-hybrid Explorer.

Heaps of rusting sheet metal could be put to better use. Under a new process from scientists at CalTech and Northwestern, they might give rise to a new kind of sustainable energy generation.

The Chinese market is looking a little more favorable for Tesla today, as the automaker has received a purchase tax exemption, after a visit from CEO Elon Musk to the world’s largest auto market earlier this week. That doesn’t affect tariff issues, however.

The 2020 Subaru Forester is getting a new rear-seat reminder that people parents and pet parents will both appreciate. 

And Lamborghini’s chief engineer says that for future supercars, “hybrid is everything.” 


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