Now there's a Tesla electric car for people that aren't even old enough to drive yet.

Radio Flyer collaborated with Tesla to make a Model S for kids, and it could be the perfect way to indoctrinate tomorrow's potential electric-car buyers while they're young.

Unlike many other toy cars, Radio Flyer can also claim that the pint-sized Model S uses the same type of powertrain as the real thing.

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That's not the only thing the Radio Flyer Model S has in common with the full-size car.

It has a front trunk--or "frunk," as Tesla owners affectionately call it--and three exterior paint colors based on colors offered on the real Model S.

Those include Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic, and Red Multi-Coat.

Tesla Model S for kids by Radio Flyer

Tesla Model S for kids by Radio Flyer

Other notable features including working headlights, forward and reverse gears, and a sound system that can play music from MP3 players or smartphones.

Performance falls a bit short of the "Ludicrous" mode of the Model S P90D, which is probably just as well for nervous parents.

The Radio Flyer Model S can be limited to 3 mph for "beginners," or achieve an unrestricted top speed of 6 mph.

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There's also a weight limit of 81 pounds, so this thing really is just for kids.

While it is more affordable than a real car, the Radio Flyer Model S still starts at a substantial $499.

And like a real car, that price can be inflated with some optional extras.

2016 Tesla Model S

2016 Tesla Model S

A 190-watt-hour lithium-ion battery can be specified for $50, in place of the standard 140-Wh battery.

That allows for a bit more playtime, and seems to indicate that range anxiety can be an issue even when it comes to toy electric cars.

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Other options include silver turbine wheels--in place of the standard black wheels--for $15, and a car cover that costs $50.

A custom license plate and parking sign can also be had--for $15 and $25, respectively.

Radio Flyer is accepting pre-orders for the Model S now, and plans to ship the first ones in May.


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