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  • Tesla Model S for kids by Radio Flyer

    With the holiday season in full swing, here's a gift idea that will indoctrinate tomorrow's potential electric-car buyers at a young age. It's a miniature Tesla Model S produced by Radio Flyer. The company known for its red wagons collaborated with Tesla on the toy Model S, which starts at $499. CHECK OUT: Tesla Model S Radio Flyer: Ludicrous Mode For Junior Unlike many other toy cars, Radio Flyer can at least claim that its Model S uses the same type of powertrain as the real thing. A small electric motor provides an unrestricted top speed of 6 mph, although it can also be limited to 3 mph...

  • Tesla Model S for kids by Radio Flyer
    Tesla Model S Radio Flyer: Ludicrous Mode For Junior

    Radio Flyer builds a mini Tesla Model S for kids.

  • Henes Broon F8
    Broon F8: New Electric Supercar For Your Smaller Drivers

    The Henes Broon F8 series is more sophisticated than some adult-sized cars.

  • Razor Crazy Cart electric ride-on
    Razor Launches New, All-Electric Performance ... Ummmm ... Vehicle

    The trouble with kids is that they just don't have enough ways to injure themselves these days. If you're a parent who thinks this should change, then we can't think of anything with better arm-breaking potential than the Crazy Cart from Razor. What the Crazy Cart is, is a shrunken electric go-kart...

  • Toyota Camatte57s concept
    Toyota's Kid-Friendly Electric Concept Stars At Tokyo Toy Show

    If you've ever seen a child zipping along on a bicycle at breakneck speed the concept of putting them behind the wheel of a car is truly terrifying. Toyota still wants to give it a go though, and following on from last year's Camatte concepts, Toyota has once again displayed a brace of electric...

  • Thames & Kosmos Eco-Battery Vehicle kit
    Build Your Own Metal-Air Battery Car: Now There's A Kit

    Most of us, sadly, can't afford a brand new Tesla Model S electric sedan. Even less so, a Tesla Model S with the latest metal-air battery technology, hinted for use in the company's future products. But fret not, dear reader: There is another way to get your hands on metal-air battery technology...

  • Lightning McQueen Toy Electric Car

    If you’ve got children of a certain age, you’ll know how fond they are of the plastic ride-on electric cars you can buy at any toy store in the U.S. You’ll also know that as they grow, children quickly tire of the 5mph maximum top speed that most ride-on toys have. Not so for one five-year-old driver, whose father helped him rebuild his all-electric Lightning McQueen toy car into his very own pint-sized race car. Enter former breakdancer Sean Burgess and his son Evan. Founder and co-owner of FFTEC motorsports in Hayward, California, Burgess is more used to tuning race-tuning...

  • Toyota Camatte Toy Car
    Toyota’s New Electric Car Is One Your Kids, Not You, Will Want To Drive

    If children are the future, then how do we get them driving clean, green electric cars? It’s a question we’ve thought a lot about, but Toyota thinks it has come up with a solution, with a new three-seat electric concept car that your kids can drive. As Automotive News (subscription...

  • Audi Auto Union Type C e-tron
    Audi Toys With New Electric Car, Pedals Future in Nuremburg

    After initially appearing skeptical about the electric car, Audi has been busy over the past few years with a selection of plugin hybrid and fully electric-powered concepts, showing them off at prestigious events such as the Le Mans 24 hour race. But unlike the R8 e-tron, R4 e-tron spyder and A1...

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