Epic electric road trip: After 3 years and 33 countries, it's a wrap

Epic electric road trip: After 3 years and 33 countries, it's a wrap

Wiebe Wakker took one very long drive in an electric car—for a total of 1119 days, covering 59,000 miles and traversing portions of 33 countries on the way from the Netherlands to Australia. It was, by just about any standard, an epic road trip. Wakker reached Sydney last Sunday, April 7, and... read more

April 14, 2019 by -
President Obama inspects the 2011 Chevrolet Volt

Obama, buy that Volt!

Our current President, Donald Trump, has made it abundantly clear where he stands on electric cars. It’s quite a contrast to our former President, Barack Obama, whose... read more March 31, 2019 by

Tesla Model 3 Enhanced Summon video still [by YouTuber  Nagaraj Kelageri]

Tesla starts Hardware 3 rollout: Enhanced Summon, red-light warnings

Like Teslas rolling through parking lots on their own, the self-driving future is inching closer. This week, Tesla owners began to experience new features of the company's... read more March 26, 2019 by

Tesla Model Y

2020 Tesla Model Y: Latest price, range, specs for new crossover SUV

The 2020 Tesla Model Y borrows some of the same underpinnings of the Model 3 sedan, and marries it to what so many American families today want: a crossover utility vehicle... read more March 18, 2019 by

Sono Sion solar assisted electric car

Production Sono Sion solar-assisted car makes appearance

Concept cars are relatively easy to build—particularly concepts of cars that may exist only on paper or as clay and foil design studies. That has given rise to a host... read more March 12, 2019 by

Tesla Supercharger site in Dorno, Italy, photo by

Tesla Model 3 gets Supercharging V3 first: How about 75 miles of range in 5 minutes?

If you road-trip with an electric car like a Tesla, you soon become acutely aware of miles per hour. That's not the miles per hour you see on the speedometer, but the rate at... read more March 7, 2019 by

Nissan x Opus camper with reused Leaf batteries in Britain with Nissan Qashqai

Reused Nissan Leaf batteries make happy campers with powered pop-up trailer

Electric-car batteries need to get recycled or reused at the end of their road. And campers are always in need of more batteries to stay out longer and run more things... read more February 24, 2019 by

Audi e-tron ski slope ad

E-tron follows original Quattro to the ski slopes in Audi's latest ad

You asked, now you've received. In our Twitter poll last week, readers told us that they think automakers should quit focusing on electric cars' green credentials in ads and... read more February 22, 2019 by

Bill Gates

Bill Gates calls Tesla “an amazing product,” doesn't see electric trucks working quite yet

Electric cars may be seen by some as part of a seemingly unstoppable, powerful technological wave that will disrupt not just the auto industry but most other forms of... read more February 19, 2019 by

2017 Toyota Prius Prime, Catskill Mountains, NY, Nov 2016

Commentary: Toyota Corolla Hybrid ad brags about not plugging in

In Toyota's latest ad for its new Corolla Hybrid in Britain, it's 2002 all over again. The ad shows the new Corolla Hybrid (in non-U.S. hatchback form) bypassing all kinds of... read more February 15, 2019 by

2019 Audi Super Bowl ad, "Cashew," featuring e-tron GT concept

Audi Super Bowl ad: Heavenly electric-car future, hackneyed themes?

Audi’s 2019 Super Bowl ad for Sunday’s Big Game focuses in on the brand’s electric and electrified future. Like many EV ads, it’s a head-scratcher. In... read more February 3, 2019 by

George Parrott's 2018 Tesla Model 3 with orange wrap [CREDIT: George Parrott]

Tesla Model 3 vs Model S: Tighter dragstrip times, sharper traction system

Tesla claims some astonishingly quick acceleration times, and for some of us, testing and verifying those times are part of the fun. To do that, the drag strip is the only... read more January 27, 2019 by

2015 Nissan Leaf with CHAdeMO fast-charging cable plugged in  [photo John Briggs]

Company claims to harness AI for quicker electric-car DC fast charging

At CES earlier this month, GBatteries demonstrated that it could charge a 60-kwh battery pack, made up of off-the-shelf lithium-ion automotive cells, to half capacity in just... read more January 24, 2019 by

Toyota Research Institute P4 Automated Driving Test Vehicle

Toyota's newest self-driving test car is a Lexus LS luxury sedan

If you're going to develop a self-driving test vehicle, why not make it one that passengers would enjoy riding in? Perhaps that's the logic behind Toyota's choice of its new... read more January 4, 2019 by

Guinness record-setting electric helicopter by Tier 1 Engineering

All-electric helicopter makes record flight

Electric transportation is about more than cars. Trucks and buses are also moving toward electric propulsion. Planes, with their long ranges and high power demands seem to be... read more December 23, 2018 by

2020 Volkswagen ID Neo spy shots

VW releases video of electric ID hatchback testing in South Africa

Volkswagen has heard the naysayers. After being caught cheating on emissions tests with its diesels and being forced to promote electric cars through various legal... read more December 20, 2018 by



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