There's a new electric car out and this one seems to have it all.

It's got sleek styling, a sophisticated powertrain, and the latest smartphone-connectivity tech.

However, it's only 4 feet long.

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Meet the Henes Broon F8, a child-sized electric "supercar" from South Korea.

It may be intended for kids but, according to a recent Wired test drive (via Engadget), the Broon has many features that wouldn't be out of place on a full-size car.

Henes Broon F8

Henes Broon F8

That includes sporty bodywork, independent suspension front and rear, programmable driving modes, and even an optional dual-motor all-wheel drive system underneath.

The body is fabricated from modular panels that can be popped off and swapped. Broon reportedly plans to make SUV and sedan bodies available as alternates.

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Top speed is a child-friendly 10 mph, and a differential steering system reduces the effort needed to change directions as well.

For parents who don't want their kids doing anything that even resembles driving until age 16, there's also a Bluetooth remote control.

Like virtually every supercar there's also a distinct lack of luggage space--in this case thanks to the battery pack, which sits behind the single seat.

Henes Broon F8

Henes Broon F8

That seat comes with a racing-style four-point harness, and there's also a 7-inch Android tablet that controls an on-board audio system.

The Broon F8 is meant for children age five and under, although one of the reported downsides is that kids old enough to drive it on their own may not fit comfortably into the tight cockpit.

Price may be another issue: The Broon costs $895 to $1,000, depending on its configuration--a significant sum for a toy that all kids will eventually outgrow.


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