• 2015 MINI Cooper Countryman

    Size is relative, and what counts as a small car today would have been viewed as much larger 50 years ago. Nowhere is that more obvious than in the case of perhaps the definitive front-wheel-drive economy car, the British Mini. DON'T MISS: New 2015 MINI Cooper With Five Doors Confuses...Well, Everyone (Video) But today's 2015 MINI Cooper is considerably more maxi than it used to be; each of the little hatchback's three modern incarnations has gotten larger. And even the first generation unveiled in 2002 was much, much bigger than the original 1959 Morris Mini-Minor created by famed auto...

  • 2015 MINI Cooper Hardtop 4 Door
    MINI Hardtop 4-Door Appears At Los Angeles Auto Show

    The five-door MINI Cooper makes its North American debut at the 2014 LA Auto Show.

  • MINI Superleggera Vision concept
    Electric Mini Superleggera Decision Delayed For Months

    BMW will wait at least six months to decide whether to build the MINI Superleggera roadster.

  • 2014 MINI Cooper hardtop, Northeastern road test, Aug 2014
    2014 MINI Cooper: Gas Mileage Review With 3-Cyl Engine + Manual

    The 2014 MINI Cooper hardtop is the first entire, top-to-bottom redesign of the iconic British minicar. In its base form, with a new 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine and a six-speed manual gearbox, it runs a bit more than $20,000 and is rated at 34 mpg combined. But it's longer, wider...

  • Mini E electric vehicle
    Want To Lease A 2009 MINI E? If You Live In Delaware, You Can

    One of the earliest electric-car prototype test fleets of the modern day was made up of several hundred MINI E two-seaters, which hit U.S. roads on two-year leases from 2008 through 2010. MINI E drivers who loved driving electric--which is to say, many of them--were offered replacement BMW ActiveE...

  • 2015 MINI Cooper five-door ad screencap
    New 2015 MINI Cooper With Five Doors Confuses...Well, Everyone (Video)

    The 2015 MINI Cooper five-door breaks new ground for the brand, as demonstrated by this ad.

  • 2015 MINI Cooper 5 Door

    MINIs aren't really Mini any more, but modern safety, comfort and equipment standards mean we'll never have a car quite as small as the original Mini ever again. That, and relentless niche-filling from parent company BMW means the car must be hugely profitable--something the classic car never really was. Latest to join the fray is the car you see here--and yes, it does have two extra doors. The five-door MINI Cooper sits upon the platform of the latest car, and offers all its benefits, but offers your passengers a couple of extra points of entry. Rather than crammed into a car of the same...

  • 2014 MINI Cooper automatic, Bear Mountain, NY, May 2014
    2014 MINI Cooper Automatic: Quick Drive

    The all-new, third-generation 2014 MINI Cooper three-door hatchback--now called "Hardtop" by MINI--sports a longer nose, a new 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine, and an interior that at last cleans up some of the disastrous ergonomics of the previous cars. Specifically, the round display in the...

  • MINI Superleggera Vision concept
    A MINI Two-Seater Sports Car? Superleggera Vision Teases Us

    MINI has been a huge success story for its parent company BMW. Customers all over the world have fallen for the car's retro looks and wide range of models. But recently, it's fair to say MINIs products have been a bit... well, ugly. While retro works on a small hatchback, it's not necessarily best...

  • 2014 MINI Cooper S
    2014 MINI Cooper: Bigger, Faster, More Fuel-Efficient--And Start-Stop Too

    The Mini is one of the most iconic vehicles on the roads, but the car has changed--and grown--rather a lot since its introduction in 1959. Most of that change has happened since BMW took the reins and launched its MINI brand in 2001, and we're now on the third generation of the BMW-developed...

  • MINI Clubman Concept  -  2014 Geneva Motor Show live photos
    MINI Clubman Concept: Live Photos From Geneva Motor Show

    MINI's existing Clubman model is an acquired taste, but the Clubman concept launched at Geneva may find a few more fans. It loses the abrupt wagon layout and unusual suicide-style side door, and in its place you get a proper four-door vehicle with better rear passenger space and a larger load area...

  • MINI Clubman Concept, 2014 Geneva Motor Show
    MINI Clubman Concept: Four-Door MINI To Make Geneva Debut

    If you like the MINI but want something a little more practical, then this could be the car for you. It's the MINI Clubman Concept and it's set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show next week. Though even a brief glance tells you there's little concept-like about the new car. In contrast to the...

  • 2014 MINI Cooper S

    The third-generation MINI has only just been launched, but that hasn't stopped parent company BMW commenting on what the next generation might hold. Details of the models themselves are unlikely to arrive for many years--the current car has a whole lifecycle, including a mid-life refresh ahead of it. But according to Autocar, the German automaker is said to be considering a slimmed-down range with the next generation car, instead of the rampant niche-filling of existing MINIs. That could mean a range of just five models, rather than the seven of the outgoing model and up to ten variants with...

  • 2014 MINI Cooper
    All-New 2014 MINI Cooper Prices To Start At $20,745

    MINI USA has announced pricing for the third generation of its BMW-produced hatchback, which will be priced from $20,745 when it arrives in the spring. That figure includes MINI's mandatory $795 destination charge, which also applies to the $24,395 MINI Cooper S. The new car will be called the MINI...

  • 2014 MINI Cooper
    2014 MINI Cooper: 3-Cylinder Subcompact Breaks Cover

    It's the world's best-known small car, and it's all new for 2014. It is of course the MINI Cooper, though you might have stumbled over the phrase "all new", since a quick glance won't really reveal what parent company BMW has changed--the quirky retro styling is as familiar as ever. BMW has changed...

  • Teaser for 2014 MINI Cooper
    2014 MINI Cooper Teased With New Video

    What's the 2014 MINI Cooper going to look like? The old one, probably--a perception that isn't tarnished by MINI's latest teaser video, which gives us a hint as to the new car's form. The new car is set to be unveiled in full on November 18, the 107th anniversary of the birth of Sir Alec Issigonis...

  • Teaser for 2014 MINI Cooper
    New MINI Cooper Teased, Win A Trip To The Unveiling: Video

    The classic Mini was one of the first true economy cars, both in terms of frugality and in offering purchase price that regular people could afford. Since BMW's resurrection of the badge its priorities have shifted a little to capitalize on the car's fashion status, but that doesn't mean the new...

  • MINI Vision concept car
    Next MINI Could Get 10 Variants, Plug-In Hybrid Option

    The next-generation of BMW's MINI subcompact could spawn as many as ten different variants following its arrival next year. In an interview with Automotive News, BMW's board member in charge of MINI, Peter Schwartzenbauer, suggested that "eight to ten models" could be built from the car's new ULK...

  • MINI Vision concept car

    Future MINI models will be powered by three- and four-cylinder engines the brand says will combine fuel economy and sportiness.

  • MINI Boatman spy shot, World Financial Center, New York City
    'Spy Shots': MINI Boatman Makes Waves In New York Harbor

    We get a lot of spy shots of new or prototype cars sent in to High Gear Media, but not that many come from waterproof cameras. These photos show a potentially new and so far unknown MINI model parked at the marina that adjoins the World Financial Center in downtown Manhattan. Or perhaps moored...

  • 2014 MINI Cooper’s reveal will coincide with 107th anniversary of Alec Issigonis’ birth
    2014 MINI Cooper To Be Unveiled November 18

    You might not be familiar with Sir Alec Issigonis, but his name has made as much impact on the motoring landscape, particularly in Britain, as anyone else in the history of the automobile. Issigonis was the man behind the Austin Seven and Morris Mini-Minor--the famous Mini. He died in 1988, but...

  • MINI Vision concept car
    MINI Vision Concept: Is This The 2014 MINI Cooper?

    The classic Mini wasn't the original gas-saving minicar, but it was certainly one of the most iconic, and modern owners BMW have turned the brand into a successful venture these days with a wide and not always endearing portfolio. It's still the basic hatchback which mirrors the original car...

  • MINI Stick Shift Infomercial
    Know How To Shift A Stick? Mini Explains Manual Transmissions For You

    While automatic transmissions are more efficient than ever before -- and many now beat manual transmissions on gas mileage -- fans of stick-shift gearboxes are quick to point out that guiding your car into the right gear with your right hand is a sure-fire way to give you an enjoyable, efficient...

  • 2013 MINI Clubvan
    The Missing MINI Model: Clubvan Withdrawn After Just 50 Sales

    We've always liked small vans, especially those derived from wagons--as rare as wagons are these days. But it turns out that the latest small van--the 2013 MINI Clubvan--both arrived in the U.S. and departed again, pretty much before anyone noticed. We had dropped a line asking about the little...