We've known since last July that an all-electric Mini Cooper will go into production in 2019.

Now, we can see the first renderings of the car that will make its official debut at the Frankfurt auto show in two weeks.

The Mini Electric Concept is recognizable as the three-door hardtop version of the famous British small car, but numerous design features set it apart from its counterparts with gasoline engines.

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Some of those elements tie back to the original fleet of 600 Mini E electric test cars, introduced in 2008, including the Reflection Silver paint color with a contrasting Interchange Yellow roof.

Other elements, including unique designs for the headlights and taillights, are clearly distinct from the current Mini hardtop now in production.

An abstract Union Jack British flag design, half of it in each taillight, is a nice nod by its German owner BMW to the Mini's British heritage.

UPDATE: This post, originally published on August 30, 2017, has been updated with live images of the Mini Electric Concept after its debut at the Frankfurt motor show.

Mini Electric Concept, 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show

Mini Electric Concept, 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show

The design study for the electric Mini gives "an impression of how the unmistakable Mini feeling will develop in future to cover a broader range beyond the current model," according to the release accompanying the renderings.

The car offers "room for individual flair and highly emotional experiences," within the energy efficiency and rollerskate agility of the original 1959 Morris Mini-Minor.

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The release offers few actual technical details or specifications for the concept car, though it has lots of adjectival descriptions.

The "electromobility" of the new model, for instance, will provide "a highly emotional experience that combines driving fun, style and individual flair."

Mini Electric Concept, 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show

Mini Electric Concept, 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show

We do know that the Mini Electric Concept will have a lithium-ion battery pack, and that its "hexagon" front grille is actually a blanking panel to improve its aerodynamic qualities.

Additional aerodynamic aids further reduce air drag in various places on the standard Mini body.

The electric motor that powers the car doesn't require cooling air, Mini says, though it's not clear where that motor is located.

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All Minis throughout history have had their front wheels driven, so it seems safe to suggest the motor is likely up front, though we should find out in roughly two weeks.

The headline on the press release with the electric Mini information summarized the car's appeal: "more driving fun, more style, no emissions."

Media days at the Frankfurt Motor Show will open in two weeks. You can follow all the latest news and debuts on our Frankfurt auto show page.


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