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Better Place: First Battery Swap Station, Profit In 2 Years?

Better Place: First Battery Swap Station, Profit In 2 Years?

Better Place, the ambitious program that's launching its electric-car service in Israel, opened its first battery-swap station there on Wednesday. At an event marking the opening, CEO Shai Agassi said the company would be profitable within two years of starting to provide mobility services to its... read more

March 25, 2011 by - 10
Assembly of Think City electric cars, Elkhart, Indiana, Jan 2011

Electric Car Factory: Think Sets Up Shop In Indiana, RV-Land

Quick, name the electric cars currently on sale. Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, and ... ummmm ... oh, yeah, Smart Electric Drive. Now name the ones built in the States. Hmmmm... read more March 22, 2011 by 5

Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid prototype, tested in November 2010

2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Impressions: Why It Needs An EV Button

For those who travel very short distances, the Toyota Prius Plug-In could almost be thought of as an electric car. With a battery pack that's about 5 kW-hr—many times... read more March 18, 2011 by 3

Revenge Of The Electric Car

(VIDEO) Film Premiere, Earth Day: Electric Car Gets Revenge in New York

It was the film that many electric car advocates cite as the reason they drive electric, but now electric car “who done it?” documentary Who Killed the Electric... read more March 15, 2011 by 3

2011 Chevrolet Volt drive test, March 2011

2011 Chevrolet Volt Drive Review: Five Things We Don't Like

Some things about the 2011 Chevrolet Volt we liked, and there were a few that puzzled us. But GM's innovative range-extended electric car also has its share of annoyances. We... read more March 14, 2011 by 12

Nissan LEAFs arrive in the U.K.

Will $4-a-gallon gas ignite an electric-vehicle frenzy?

As gas prices rise, electric cars look better and better. But any chances manufacturers had the last time gas hit $4 a gallon were extinguished thanks to the 2008 recession... read more March 11, 2011 by 7

Aptera 2e production intent vehicle

What Ever Happened To...? 5 Electric Cars We Should Have by Now

Nissan may have got heat recently for its long, drawn out and significantly delayed rollout of the 2011 Nissan Leaf, but it isn’t the only company struggling to fulfil... read more March 11, 2011 by 12

Bluecar EV

Pininfarina Signs Deal For Production Of Bluecar Electric Vehicle

The last we heard of Pininfarina and its Bluecar electric vehicle was that the company was looking to start production but a lack of financial support meant the project was... read more March 11, 2011 by 3

Honda launches Fit EV electric car and Accord plug-in hybrid test program in Torrance, CA, Dec 2010

Up To 15 Mile Electric-Only Range For Honda Plug-In Hybrid, Debuts In Accord In 2012

Honda has been slow to the game when it comes to plug-in hybrids and electric cars but at the recent 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show the automaker proved that it was not... read more March 9, 2011 by 4

tesla model s prototype 004

Tesla Model S Update: Alpha Testing On Track, Deliveries Mid-2012

The recent opening of a new Tesla store in Milan provided a forum for current Roadster owners to ask Elon Musk exactly what's going on with the Tesla Model S. The answers?... read more March 7, 2011 by 3

Think City assembly plant, Elkhart, Indiana, Jan 2011

Photo Gallery: Think City Assembly Plant Tour, Elkhart, Indiana

During the Detroit Auto Show in January, we visited the Think electric-car assembly plant in Elkhart, Indiana. It's not necessarily a place you'd expect to find electric cars... read more March 7, 2011 by 5

2011 Smart electric drive

Report: Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Available For Sale In 2012

The Smart brand has enjoyed modest success in the U.S. since its launch here back in 2007 but with a lack of any new models or updates, the oddly-designed minicar brand has... read more March 7, 2011 by 2

2011 Nissan Leaf at quick-charging station

BREAKING: Nissan Leaf To Get Faster Charger 'In a Year Or So'

You just never know what you'll hear at conferences. You might, for instance, hear Nissan America's director of product planning, Mark Perry, casually mention that the Nissan... read more March 4, 2011 by 7

BMW ActiveE at 2011 Geneva Motor Show, photo by Robert Llewellyn

2011 Geneva Motor Show Through A Convert's Eyes: Guest Post

by Robert Llewellyn I was only there for one day, and I'm still recovering; car shows are fairly energy sapping events. Everyone I met in Halle 7 said the same thing, "Oh... read more March 4, 2011 by 3

2011 Irmscher 7 Selectra electric roadster concept

Irmscher Reveals 7 Selectra Electric Roadster Concept

German outfit Irmscher has just unveiled its latest rival to the Caterham and Ariel Atom set--but with a green flavor--the new 7 Selectra electric roadster concept. Making... read more March 4, 2011 by 1

2011 Coda Sedan advertisement

Electric Car Startups To Square Off Against Big Auto Competition

Competition is heating up in the electric car sector, and the next few years will be a challenging testing ground for startups looking to gain a foothold among consumers as... read more March 4, 2011 by 0



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