When the automotive world descends on Switzerland for its annual motor show, there’s one thing that we can be certain of: another imaginative automotive creation from Swiss firm Rinspeed. 

Unlike previous creations, like the world’s first underwater electric car or its natural-gas-powered hydrofoil car, this year’s offering is a little less James Bond and a lot more practical.

Behold the Rinspeed Dock+Go.

A cross between a conventional trailer and the automotive equivalent of a backpack, the Rinspeed Dock+Go has been designed to offer range-extending capabilities to the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive. 

That comes from either a range-extending gasoline engine, an additional battery pack, or a hydrogen fuel cell, Rinspeed says. 

Instead of being a conventional trailer -- complete with the usual aerodynamic problems that accompany trailers -- the Rinspeed Dock+Go literally slots onto the rear of an appropriately-modified Smart ForTwo.

It looks a little like what we imagine it would be like if cars were made by Lego.

Of course, using this implementation gives some distinct advantages over a traditional trailer.  

Not only does it do away with aerodynamic and handling woes by simply extending the roofline of the car, but it also enables the Smart ForTwo’s luggage capacity to instantly double. 

Almost like a trunk doubler. 

Rinspeed points out that the Dock+Go could also come in pickup form, allowing Smart ForTwo Electric Drives to be used as utility vehicles in inner city areas. 

As with many of Rinspeeds creations however, the Dock+Go currently classifies as a concept rather than a future production accessory. 


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