Once upon a time, if you wanted to buy a used car, the place to start your search was the local used car dealer or newspaper listings. 

Over the past decade however, searching for a used car has become a lot easier thanks to Internet auction site eBay and its eBay Motors listings.  Listing everything from exotic sportscars to daily drivers, eBay has helped sell hundreds of millions of used cars. 

If you’ve tried searching for a green car however, you’ll know how frustrating it can be to 

find exactly the right car without trawling through hundreds of irrelevant listings.

Now the auction giant has turned its attention to green driving with the launch of eBay Green Driving, an eBay Motors spinoff designed to help visitors make the switch to green cars. 

With specialist listings for electric, hybrid, compressed natural gas (CNG), biofuel, diesel and high-gas mileage cars, the site not only aims to help customers buy greener cars but also aims to educate customers about the different types of green car available.

2002 Toyota RAV4 EV on eBay. Image: Plug In America

2002 Toyota RAV4 EV on eBay. Image: Plug In America

With basic information about the most popular green cars on the market today, the site provides customers with simple comparison tools designed to help them decide which type of green car is best for them -- and then search for it. 

Alongside the regular listings, the new site highlights unique or desirable green cars for sale on eBay in its eBay Green Machines section, covering everything from the latest models to custom-builds, one-off cars and even antique green cars. 

While we’re glad to see eBay is helping make it easier for people to find and buy the perfect used green car, it’s worth doing some preliminary research into what green car you’d like to buy before hitting eBay

With correct preparation and a little common sense, it’s possible to buy some great green cars through eBay’s new site. But before you start bidding, make sure you know the basics of eBay bidding first, keep calm, and have fun! 



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