Following Honda's hit electric-car concept at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Urban EV, the company brought a second all-electric concept to the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show with more sporting intentions.

The Honda Sports EV coupe concept debuted one show after the Urban EV concept, and this one's a design wrapped in a sleek and retro-looking sports car body.

If Honda bet on retro design with the Urban EV concept, the Japanese automaker doubled down on the backwards look with the Sports EV coupe—and we'd judge it successful.

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The minimal lines and approachable face wear well on the electric sports car's body, which takes inspiration from the Honda S600, a similarly rakish sports coupe from the 1960s.

Although the automaker did not provide any technical details on the electric sports car's powertrain, it did say the goal was to create sporty car with joy and emotion.

We can only assume the rear wheels receive power from the undisclosed electric motor and battery pack.

Honda Sports EV concept, 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Honda Sports EV concept, 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Honda also said the car boasts an artificial intelligence unit.

However, it pegged the technology as a bolster to the Sports EV coupe's emotional aura; the AI unit will read the driver's emotions to fine tune information displayed in the car.

Since the Sports EV shares many of its traits with the Urban EV, we can assume similar technology is onboard.

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Such technology might include Honda's Power Manager, which allows for easy transfer of energy among the car's battery, a home's electric consumption, and the electric grid as a whole.

It also lets owners store renewable energy to recharge the car and provide power to the electric grid, too.

Honda Sports EV concept, 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Honda Sports EV concept, 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

The tech debuted with the Urban EV concept earlier this year.

Reinjecting passion and fun-to-drive aesthetics has been a priority at Honda for a few years, though the company did not commit to producing the Sports EV coupe concept.

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The Urban EV concept, on the other hand, will reach production in 2019, though Honda ruled out a North American launch after saying the retro hatchback wasn't designed for the continent's various markets.

While there's certainly a lack of sporty electric cars at the moment, hopefully, Honda will change that should it decide there's a place for a desirable, fun-to-drive electric sports car.

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