Taxes on Teslas, Honda Civic gas mileage, the highest-mile Chevy Volt, and probably the cheapest Nissan Leaf ever. All this and more today on Green Car Reports.

Audi has launched its first vehicle with an electric turbocharger, to cut turbo lag. It's the SQ7 high-performance SUV, and that turbo is on a diesel engine.

Here's a new one on us: Singapore is charging a $15,000 carbon fee on an imported Tesla Model S, to account for the electricity it uses.

The new 2016 Honda Civic sedan comes with an impressive 35-mpg combined fuel-economy rating; we tested the car to see if it met that.

Last month, we wrote about a buyer who paid only $16,000 after incentives for his new 2015 Nissan Leaf.

Well, our contributor Andrew Ganz beat that: How about just $8,500 for a new Leaf?

What's probably the highest-mileage Chevy Volt in the world, a 2012 model, just turned over 300,000 miles--and counting.

Looking for a new compact crossover SUV? We compared the Nissan Rogue and the Toyota RAV4.

Finally, how about an electric Corvette that approaches 200 mph? We've got the video.


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