Which cities have two groundbreaking new showrooms for two different zero-emission vehicles?

And, what do wild bison, deer, and foxes have to do with one reader's Toyota Prius hybrid?

This is our video look back at the Week In Reverse--right here at Green Car Reports--for the week ending on Friday, May 29, 2015.

On Friday, we reported on a Harvard researcher's conclusion that startup automaker's Tesla Motors' luxury electric cars are not disruptive.

He called Tesla's Roadster and Model S sedan "incremental advances," and suggested that the real electric-car disruption will be tiny, low-speed electric vehicles like golf carts.

Quite a number of our readers ... ahem ... took issue with his conclusions, let's say.

On Thursday, we wrote about a Southern California Fiat 500e driver who likes the electric minicar's sporty handling, instant acceleration, and low cost of ownership so much, he may just sell his BMW.

Wednesday we published a piece by our frequent commenter and writer John Briggs of Boston.

He recounted his vacation driving dilemma when the Toyota Prius hybrid he'd reserved for a trip through Yellowstone National Park turned out to cost hundreds more than less efficient cars.

Briggs ruminated on the extra energy used by the Ford Fusion he chose (he got 30 mpg) against the 50 mpg his Prius delivers--and sent us some stunning photos to boot.

BMW sales were in the news on Tuesday: Stevens Creek BMW will open the nation's first full-service dedicated showroom for BMW i sales and service this weekend.

We also showed the new Toyota Mirai fuel-cell sedan showroom and hydrogen fueling station that Toyota has just opened in Tokyo. It's quite a complex.

In the U.S., Monday was Memorial Day holiday. We covered a Dutch startup --with the great name of Nerdalize--that uses computer server farms to heat your home.

Sunday produced a story on a running prototype electric bike built by Faradion, a company working to develop sodium-ion batteries.

And finally, we got a chance to drive a prototype Volkswagen Beetle Dune Hybrid concept car. It drives pretty much like a Jetta Hybrid, which makes sense, since it uses that car's powertrain.

The message is that Volkswagen will likely introduce more hybrid cars in the years to come--though it resolutely declined to provide details.

But we have to say, driving a butched-up bronze Beetle with fancy alloy wheels and black rubber fender flares around New York City does get you a few stares.

When you're not stuck in standstill traffic, of course.


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