Tesla Motors has existed for more than 10 years now, and it's built and sold more than 50,000 electric cars.

It's become a genuine U.S. automaker, albeit a very small one, and it now sells all over the world--and garners more media coverage than its volume alone might warrant.

But it still seems to cause severe delusions and derangement among some observers.

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Last month, there appeared a new installment that appears to be from the same people who brought us the bizarre and hilarious "Tesla Truth Ticket" from April.

That was a lengthy and borderline-incomprehensible screed that appeared on the windshields of some Tesla Model S cars parked in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Project Axciom

Project Axciom

It proposed that Tesla owners "give back" their electric cars, because--it alleged--driving a Tesla involves owners in "organized crime," that lithium-ion batteries "blow up if they get wet" or are "bumped," and have already "burned planes, cars, homes & children"...and more.

Now they're back.

The grandly named "Phase 2: Project Axciom" is, according to this post, "dedicated to making sure that every Tesla owner on Earth knows the truth!"

We stumbled across this post because it actually cited an article we published--more than two years ago--about a lawsuit against Tesla alleging that the electric-car company had violated contracts it had signed to build a car assembly plant in New Mexico.

The suit alleged fraud, breach of contract, negligent misrepresentation and negotiating in bad faith.

We'll leave it to you, should you choose to do so, to wade through the thicket of marginally connected verbiage that constitutes Project Axciom.

Whatever that is.

(Or possibly it's a press release announcing the imminent arrival of Project Axciom--we couldn't really tell.)

First Tesla Model S cars delivered to UK customers

First Tesla Model S cars delivered to UK customers

The deranged publication demonstrates--once again--that every innovation, disruptive company, new business model, and entrepreneur attract not only attention but also their share of crazies. It comes with the territory.

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We'll leave it to you to decide whether it's amusing, disturbing, or merely sad.

Meanwhile, we're still waiting to hear of a single Tesla Model S owner who's given back the car for the reasons cited in the so-called truth ticket.


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