Oh, awesome!

Someone is leaving fliers on Tesla Model S electric luxury cars parked in San Francisco, claiming...well, claiming all sorts of hilarious and bizarre things.

The news surfaced in a tweet by Ryan Block ("Fighter of entropy. Lover of atoms + electrons. Master photobomber."), covered by Business Insider late yesterday.

The flier itself alleges that driving a Tesla involves you in "organized crime," that lithium-ion batteries "blow up if they get wet" or are "bumped," and have already "burned planes, cars, homes & children"...and much, much, much more.

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Did you know that "Tesla investors urged the Afghan invasion," so that merely driving the car is "supporting war"?

We suspect most Tesla owners may, indeed, not have realized that.

Or that "40 Federal heads of agencies, and their senior staff" have resigned in a gigantic cover-up (of what isn't actually specified) that continues to this day--and that virtually every one of them had a "stock investment connection to Tesla's suppliers"?

Or that "Tesla drivers [are] killing innocent pedestrians simply because the Tesla's [sic] 'smell bad' "?

Flier found on Tesla Model S cars parked in San Francisco, Apr 2014 [image: Ryan Block via Twitter]

Flier found on Tesla Model S cars parked in San Francisco, Apr 2014 [image: Ryan Block via Twitter]

It's truly a masterpiece of paranoid delusion, stringing together a giant conspiracy theory from a few actual facts, misinterpreted, mashed together, and otherwise concatenated into a fantasy of horribleness.

There are no fewer than 10 links listed at the bottom of the flier--at least a few recognizably right-wing--though we must admit we didn't attempt to fact-check the accuracy of the flier.

The best part, however, is that it recommends, "If you have a Tesla: Give the car back! Demand a refund!"

Considering the remarkably high levels of satisfaction among actual Tesla buyers, all we can say is: Good luck with that.

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There are certainly valid issues to be discussed around the Tesla Model S, Tesla Motors, and many of the geopolitical factors that will play into the widespread adoption of plug-in electric vehicles.

But when the loonies come out, it's a symbol that people have noticed--and are getting anxious.

Y'know, this is the kind of stuff that just makes our day.


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