In an effort to prove to disbelievers that hybrid and electric cars are indeed safe and more specifically that the batteries within would not cause environmental issues, BYD's CEO Wang Chuan-Fu actually drank battery fluid from a lithium ion battery manufactured by the company.

Most people associate batteries with the caustic, explosive and highly dangerous lead acid batteries found in most cars today, or possibly nickel cadmium or even nickel metal hydride batteries that are used in rechargeable products, but the batteries of the near future for hybrid and electric vehicles will be of a lithium ion composition.  Lithium ion batteries are touted as safe and some are fully non-toxic.

Still, it is extreme that a CEO would drink battery fluid to prove a point, but prove his point he sure did as the internet is flooded with stories of people in disbelief over what BYD CEO Chuan-Fu actually did.

Chuan-Fu drank the electrolyte liquid used in the lithium ion battery produced by BYD.  However, it is not recommended that anyone else try this.  Skeptic should now rest easy knowing that the batteries that will power electric and hybrid cars in the future are safe enough to drink.