It appears that a Québec electric-car group has set a new world record for plug-in electric cars gathered in one place.

Yesterday, 431 battery-electric and plug-in hybrid cars gathered in a long parking lot on the Île Sainte-Hélène, just south of the Jacques Cartier Bridge along the Saint Laurence River, in Montréal.

According to an article posted early this morning on the website of L'Association des Véhicules Electriques du Québec, the cars included not only the Chevrolet Volt, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Nissan Leaf, and Tesla Model S, but also a variety of less common plug-in vehicles.

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Organizers said a Bollore BlueCar, of the type used by the AutoLib electric-car-sharing service in Paris, was also present--and so was a Porsche converted to electric power.

There were electric vans, electric motorcycles, and even an electric boat (it wasn't counted toward the vehicle total) pulled by a plug-in hybrid truck from Via Motors.

It was the "quietest parade of the century," according to the article, although it noted that the combined effect of pedestrian-alert warbles from more than 100 Nissan Leafs sounded like Snow White's dwarves whistling while they worked.

The article ended (as translated by Google Translate):

... imagine our cities where everyone can talk in the street without being buried by the noise of the engines, where one can easily identify the driver coughing alone in his car among a crowd.

Dignitaries in attendance included the former minister of natural resources for the province, Martine Ouellet, along with Daniel Breton, the previous head of transportation electrification.

Breton garnered applause from the crowd when he said he intended to dedicate his career to pursuing the spread of electric cars throughout Québec.

While the gathering has not been certified as an official Guinness World Record, it appears to be the largest gathering to date of plug-in cars.

The current record of 305 cars was set in Zurich last year.

The National Advanced Transportation Center--a Canadian electric-car advocacy organization that organized the Montreal rally--said last month that it hoped to lure 350 to 500 electric cars to make a solid claim on the title.


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