The world of car-branded merchandise has resulted in some unusual items in the past.

Ferrari, for instance is well known for its scarlet-clad teddy bears and a hugely expensive carbon fiber measuring stick. On the other hand, Porsche Design, a company affiliated with the sports car maker, makes some fairly tasteful products such as pens and coffee makers.

Until now, you're probably most familiar with BMW's Project i brand for the stunning i3 and i8 concept cars. Now the "i" label is being applied to something even cleaner - an all-natural hand sanitizer.

Let's make it clear though: BMW hasn't gone soft, even if the new hand sanitizer, called Purif-i, might make your hands feel softer. The new wash is the work of Austrian cosmetics brand Susanne Kaufmann and developed in a partnership with BMW.

Because it requires no water or towel, you can use it anywhere. We can't see it getting much use around the oil, gasoline and grime-free 2014 BMW i3 electric car, but if you own one of BMW's diesel offerings it might be useful after you've handled the perpetually oily pump at the gas station.

BMW electric car-branded hand santitizer? Next you'll be telling us Mercedes-Benz is launching a perfume for men...


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