Five Things You Shouldn't Do To A Toyota Prius...Ever

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Swedish Customized Toyota Prius

Swedish Customized Toyota Prius

The venerable Toyota Prius has been around for over a decade now, first as an awkward but fuel-efficient sedan, then a geeky hatchback and soon a platform in its own right. 

But while Toyota is now putting the Hybrid Synergy Drive technology from the Prius into a whole range of vehicles from tiny city hatchbacks to full-sized luxury SUVs, there are some things that the Toyota Prius is not meant to be. 

If you dare, here are five increasingly bizarre things we’ve seen the humble Toyota Prius turned into: The convertible Prius, the Prius limousine, the "Pimus", the Prius Pickup and the Morris Minus. 

Read, enjoy and see what terrible travesties can befall someone who can weld. Just don’t copy them, okay?

The convertible Prius

Have you ever wondered why the Toyota Prius has its distinctive shape? 

In a word, aerodynamics. The smooth lines help air flow over the car easily, reducing drag and increasing fuel economy. 

But while replacing the roof with a bespoke, electrically folding ragtop might be nice for those days cruising down the PCH, it certainly won’t help your fuel economy. 

NCE's Toyota Prius DropTop

NCE's Toyota Prius DropTop

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And we can’t imagine it was cheap either. 

Which is why we have to say that this rather smartly done Toyota Prius convertible by California-based Newport Convertible Engineering --  which will apparently turn anything from a Cadillac Escalade through to a Range Rover into a drop-top -- earns a place on our list. 

Much like the Prius limousine below, the convertible Prius is a concept we’ve seen time and time again, with varying degrees of success. 

The Prius limousine

You’re an eco-minded driver with a soft spot for the 2004-9 Prius, but your family just won’t fit in a five-seat hatchback.  What do you do? 

Most folks would accept that the high-mpg Prius might not be the best fit and buy a larger minivan or SUV instead, but one enterprising enthusiast from Quebec, Canada, took two Prii and turned them into a six-door, eight-seat Prius limousine. 

The original Toyota Prius Limo

The original Toyota Prius Limo

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Surprisingly, the Prius limousine cost very little to build as it was built from two wrecked Prii. The total build cost was a mere $10,000 - about the same as a five year old used Prius - and took its creator more than 200 hours of fabrication to finish.

Economy? its owner reported in 2007 that his six-door creation got between 43 and 50 mpg after the massive surgery. 

The ‘Pimpus’

While we’re a site devoted to fuel economy and green transport, we still appreciate a good custom car, be it a vintage hot-rod or a tricked-out SUV. 

But some cars just don’t feel right when they’ve been completely rebuilt into a bass-pumping, light-flashing disco-on-wheels. 

Which is why we’ve put this particular Prius into our list. 

Swedish Customized Toyota Prius

Swedish Customized Toyota Prius

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Created by the crazy Classe’s Garage in Sweden, the fully-rebuilt Prius has been transformed from a eco-minded five-door hatchback into a two door coupe, complete with inverted Koenigsegg-style doors, 20 inch rims, and of course, a louder exhaust.

Nearly everything on the car is custom-built, from its dashboard and racing seats through to its 4,400 watt stereo system and took eight weeks to build at a staggering cost of $184,275.

Naturally, we’re sure its fuel economy isn’t quite what it used to be. 

Keep reading on for our final two weird Prius creations, including a Prius pickup and a Prius-powered 1960 vintage car.

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