We've seen our fair share of dubious modifications to Toyota's Prius over the years, but we've discovered one that's actually pretty cool.

Anyone who has ever tried will know that sleeping in the back of your car isn't always the most comfortable of experiences, so anything that improves this sometimes necessary scenario is fine by us.

The Prius Tent by Habitents is one such improvement.

Designed to slip around the open tailgate of a Prius with no modifications to the body, the Prius Tent makes use of the trunk and folded-down back seats to provide a more spacious sleeping area, whether you're camping or making an impromptu overnight stop.

The tent attaches to the liftback by a thin strip, and then anchors to the rear wheel arches and rear bumper. If you're tall you'll need boxes to built up the gap between the folded rear seats and the floor (as you'll see in the video), but at least they double up as useful storage space.

Sure, it looks a bit odd and you'd have more space in a real tent, but that's a small price to pay for not sleeping on rocky ground or waking up to find you're surrounded by three inches of water.

Interested? Search for the Prius Tent on eBay, where they're available for $89.99.

And frankly, after the Toyota Prius 'Relax Cabin', any Prius-related sleeping solution looks good...


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