Auto websites compete with each other to get the newest, the latest, and the coolest. Sometimes one or more of the 39 sites in the High Gear Media network gets a scoop (like our recent first drive of the 2010 MazdaSpeed3); other times, we don't.

So we tip our hat to our buddies at Jalopnik, who got (via their Facebook page, we note) some amazing photos of the Toyota Prius you've always wanted if you happen to have a very, very large family.

This six-door Toyota Prius stretch limousine was created from two wrecked Priuses, one that had been hit in the front and one that was rear-ended.

Turns out its arched roof aids in structural rigidity, versus the flat roofs of more, ummmm, traditional stretch limos. You know, your Lincoln Town Cars, your Hummer H2s, that kind of thing.

In the annals of bizarre custom Prius bodywork, we like this one better than the Toyota Prius hearse we wrote about a few months ago. It almost looks like it could have come from the factory, doesn't it?

And that's the highest compliment we can think of. Though we suspect Toyota's designers might have smoothed out that beltline kink in the middle door. Still ... nice work, folks!

Toyota Prius six-door limousine, from Jalopnik

Toyota Prius six-door limousine, from Jalopnik