Hot on the heels of its appearance at last week's Detroit Auto Show as a body-in-white, the 2012 Tesla Model S sedan also clearly moves under its own power.

Tesla Motors just posted a beautiful, scenic video on the company's blog showing about 90 seconds worth of a Model S "alpha" prototype swooping through some achingly beautiful scenery, with picket fences, long sweeping curves, and rugged terrain in the background.

2012 Tesla Model S body-in-white

2012 Tesla Model S body-in-white

The video, neatly edited together from a number of shots, includes background vineyards, narrow country roads, and what look like horse farms.

(Bonus points to anyone reading this who can conclusively identify any of the locations. We're betting on California. Drop us a note if so!)

The running Model S is quiet, as are most electric cars, with tire noise the predominant sound as it passes. The handling seems fine, though the driver was clearly performing for the camera rather than wringing the car out for handling tests.

What do you think? Does Tesla's Model S presentation at the Detroit Auto Show, their autumn headquarters tour, and our interview with chief engineer Peter Rawlinson, make you believe that the car is real?

Leave us your thoughts in the Comments below.

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