Kia Ray Teaser 2

Kia Ray Teaser 2

Sometimes automakers issue a press release with only a tidbit of information and an image of a portion of an car.  These releases, referred to as teasers, don't give you much to go on but are interesting nonetheless.  A teaser gives just a glimpse of a vehicle or a speck of information to go by leaving enthusiasts to wonder about the rest.  Teasers intrigue and raise interest.

Kia recently release a teaser shot of a vehicle that is expected to be on display on the Chicago Auto Show this week.  In an attempt to raise hype about this vehicle, they have only released two discreet images showing portions of what is believed to be a new plug-in concept vehicle referred to as the Ray.

There's no other information about this vehicle right now and their likely won't be until the show gets underway.  A reasonable guess would assume that this plug-in Ray is at least loosely based on the Hyundai Blue-Will plug-in displayed at the Detroit Auto Show a few weeks back.

For now we will just have to wait for additional information when the show gets underway.