Do you know the difference between a mild hybrid like a 2010 Honda Insight, and a full hybrid like the 2010 Toyota Prius? Or what happens to all hybrid vehicles when the weather gets cold?

If you do, you're probably well versed in green cars, and you may already be a hybrid vehicle owner. If not, though, we respectfully suggest the video below.

In under five minutes, our editor goes through five basic points on hybrid vehicles. We borrowed a 2008 Toyota Prius from a friend as a demonstrator; you can see it in some of the footage.

The video comes from our colleagues at, who recently asked High Gear Media to do a set of videos that would educate their users on the basics of hybrid cars.

To provide basic green-car knowledge--which is, after all, what this site is all about, we thought the "Five Things About Hybrids" video was most applicable.  For other videos, see here:

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