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  • 2019 Hyundai Ioniq Electric

    We rank the most efficient cars for the 2019 model year.

  • Scoot Quad (nee Renault Twizy) tested in San Francisco, Oct 2015
    Even Wackier! Most bizarre green cars ever proposed, Part II

    Last week we listed seven of the most bizarre "green" cars (and some not-so-green) of the 20th century, most of which were rolled out in response to depression, war recovery, or out-of-control gas prices. This week, we'll look at seven more from the 21st century, which seems to have had a...

  • 2015 Kia Rondo [Canadian-spec]
    Canadian Club: The Small Cars That U.S. Buyers Can’t Have

    Canada is bigger than the U.S.; the distances are equally vast; and there’s way more land area per person. And yet Canadians tend to buy smaller cars. Why is this? The simple answer, at least from the south side of the border, is that Canadians are less ostentatious. They typically spend...

  • Polar Charging Post and Nissan Leaf
    Electric Cars: Eight Important Things Everyone Should Know (But May Not)

    Sometime in the next few weeks, the 100,000th plug-in electric car will be sold in the U.S. But they're still mostly a mystery to the average new-car buyer, and there are a few key principles that get shared over and over again. Here they are, boiled down for easy consumption: eight things you need...

  • 2009 Audi R8 e-Tron Concept
    Electric Supercars: The New Breed Of Fast And Sexy

    Forget the Jaguar C-X75 or BMW i8 range-extenders. When it comes to the greenest supercars around, pure-electric drivetrains are a must. Whether its single motors, dual motors, or one in each wheel, electric cars offer enthusiasts a whole new level of performance, and capabilities never seen...

  • First 2011 Nissan Leaf delivered to buyer, San Francisco, Dec 2010, photo by Eugene Lee
    Our Popular Stories of 2010: LEAF, Recharging, Myth Busting

    We’re just two days away from 2011, the year many industry experts are terming the year of the electric car, but 2010 hasn’t been a slow year for electric cars. We’ve seen new models launched, records broken and even the Pope show an interest in going electric. But over the course...

  • Euro-spec 2011 Ford Fiesta in New York City

    Everyone has opinions. But if you had to wrap up what's happening in green cars today by naming three trends, what would they be? The ever-eager publicists at auto-classified site AutoTrader.com sent us their list of three changes in the world of eco-friendly vehicles. We've reproduced them below, along with some commentary of our own. "In the past, the selection of eco-friendly cars was limited, forcing consumers to choose from a handful of options," said Shawn Tucker, auto analyst at AutoTrader.com. "Today, manufacturers are catering to everyone, and the definitions of [green] vehicles are...

  • Editor John Voelcker of GreenCarReports.com in front of 2008 Toyota Prius
    VIDEO: Five Things About Hybrid Cars That You Should Know

    Do you know the difference between a mild hybrid like a 2010 Honda Insight, and a full hybrid like the 2010 Toyota Prius? Or what happens to all hybrid vehicles when the weather gets cold? If you do, you're probably well versed in green cars, and you may already be a hybrid vehicle owner. If not...

  • Think City
    Five More Myths About Electric Cars, Courtesy of Think

    Yesterday, we published a piece called Five Myths About Electric Cars, Courtesy of Think, whose CEO Richard Canny sent them to us. Today we have five more, to finish off his list of 10 myths. Below is the second half of Canny's list (which is why it begins with # 6), along with our assessment of...

  • Think City electric vehicle
    Five Myths About Electric Cars, Courtesy of Think

    Last Thursday was the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, and the CEO of one electric-car maker took the occasion to speak out on some of the popular myths around the manufacturing and use of electric vehicles. Richard Canny, who runs the recently refinanced Think, published a list of "top 10 EV myths...

  • Golden Gate Bridge, connecting San Francisco and Marin County, California
    Earth Day Special: The 'Hybridest' Green Cities in the U.S.

    Today is Earth Day, and in honor of that event--it started 40 years ago as a nationwide teach-in on environmental issues--we bring you a list of the greenest cities in the United States. It's not actually our list; it comes from Cars.com, which based its ranking on the percentage of car shoppers...

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