• 2015 Kia Rondo [Canadian-spec]

    Canada is bigger than the U.S.; the distances are equally vast; and there’s way more land area per person. And yet Canadians tend to buy smaller cars. Why is this? The simple answer, at least from the south side of the border, is that Canadians are less ostentatious. They typically spend about 15 percent less on new vehicles; and while that’s definitely not because they’re worse off (the median Canadian household income, adjusted for currency, is higher than in the U.S.), it’s certain that Canadian shoppers tend to choose somewhat smaller, more modestly equipped...

  • Road Trip
    Planning A Back-To-School Road Trip? Here’s How To Save On Gas

    If you’re preparing to return to college in the next few days -- or are a Freshman heading away from home for the first time -- your preparations probably include a long road trip. But with every cent you spend on gasoline diminishing your college fund, how do you make that heavily-packed...

  • 2012 Toyota Prius C
    2012 Toyota Prius C: Yes, Your Gas Mileage Will Vary

    Whenever a new car hits the market, there’s always a website somewhere on the Internet keeping track of how real-world gas mileage differs from the EPA’s official quotes. So it’s no surprise that owners of the 2012 Toyota Prius C have started to keep track of the gas mileage of...

  • 2011 Honda CR-Z
    Hybrid Driving Tips: Maximize MPG, Minimize Cost

    We get to drive plenty of hybrid cars here at GreenCarReports, and naturally a combination of driving styles and road conditions play a part in the fuel economy figures we get. Unlike with some other vehicles though, hybrids sometimes require a slightly different technique to extract the best...

  • High Gear Media Team Shooting Video At 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show
    Green Car Reports Has A New Video Section

    We here at Green Car Reports understand you want your green automotive news in many forms. That is why today we are happy to announce our new video section. Located in the top navigation bar next to the "Car Types" tab, our new video section features original videos ranging from news and reviews to...

  • Google Plus
    Green Car Reports Is On Google+, Put Us In Your Greenest Circle

    Do you want to make sure you are getting your green car news in every way possible? Of course you do, and that's why we wanted to let you know Green Car Reports is on Google+. Adding Green Car Reports to your circles on Google+ gives you the ability to get the latest news, reviews, and expert...

  • Green Car Reports On Google Currents

    We know you are always trying to find new ways to get your green car news on the go, and today we are happy to announce Green Car Reports is now on Google Currents. That's right, you can add Green Car Reports to your Google Currents right now by clicking the link right here. For those who aren't familiar with Google Currents, it is similar in concept to Flipboard, offering a clean interface to read your social streams and RSS right from your Android or iOS mobile device. Since you are probably already a fan of Green Car Reports on Facebook, following on Twitter, and have us in your very...

  • Oil cap
    Driving Green Means Not Changing Your Oil Until You Need To

    When was the last time state tax dollars went toward telling you not to do something? Ads against drunk driving, certainly. Perhaps ads against smoking cigarettes. But now, California is embarking on a campaign to persuade its citizens not to change their oil so much. More modern motor oils, better...

  • New Tires
    Yokohama Shares Fuel Saving Gas-Mileage Tips For Your Car’s Tires

    We all know the way in which we drive can change our car’s fuel economy, but one of the biggest keys to getting great gas mileage is often overlooked: your car’s tires. According to Mark Chung, director of corporate strategy at Yokohama Tire Corporation, most consumers don’t know...

  • 2011 Nissan Leaf
    Want To Get Better Gas Mileage? Buy A Car With The Right Paintwork

    If you’re in the market for a new car, the chances are you’ll want a car which gets the very best gas mileage possible. Normally, this means looking at the EPA ratings of each car -- but a recent study has confirmed that the color your car is painted can also help save you money and...

  • Car Crusher by Flickr user wilkesjournal
    Buying an Electric Car? Here’s What to do With Your Gasoline One

    You’ve done the research, figured out how which one you want and even put a deposit down to secure your new electric car. But how do you get rid of your gasoline one? Of course, you can always sell it on or part exchange it for your plug-in car, but if your current gasoline car isn’t...

  • Speed Limit 55
    Saving Gas By Driving Slower: What You Need To Know

    As well as the "What kind of car should I buy?" questions, we're suddenly getting a lot of questions about driving techniques to save gas. Shouldn't be surprising; the average cost of a gallon of gasoline passed $4 this week. But one of the most confusing areas of gas saving turns out to be speed...

  • Lotus Engineering Range Extender

    Most car buyers haven't even heard the term "range extender" yet. But over time, expect it to become more familiar, as electric cars like the 2011 Chevrolet Volt introduce the concept of a gasoline engine that turns a generator to produce electricity to power the vehicle. Tiny, powerful, efficient At the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, Lotus Engineering unveiled a tiny, 1.2-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine designed solely for use as a range extender. Now, 18 months later, Lotus has taken the wraps off an improved version of its engine, plus a new, more powerful supercharged model. Both designs...

  • diesel and AdBlue fillers in Audi Q7 TDI
    Green Advice: You Filled A Diesel Car With Gasoline; Now What?

    Unless you're Argonne Laboratories, putting gasoline into a diesel fueled car is a bad problem. Maybe it was brain fade. Perhaps you rented or borrowed an unfamiliar car. Or you simply didn't realize that nice Volkswagen or Mercedes-Benz was a new, clean-diesel car. (It also happens to particularly...

  • Editor John Voelcker of in front of 2008 Toyota Prius
    VIDEO: Driving Tips For Hybrid Cars (Toyota Prius Included)

    Do you know when to accelerate your Prius "as though there's an eggshell between your foot and the pedal," and when to move away briskly? If you do, you may already be an experienced Prius driver. If not, we have just the video for you. In less than four minutes, our editor goes through some of the...

  • Editor John Voelcker of in front of 2008 Toyota Prius
    VIDEO: Five Things About Hybrid Cars That You Should Know

    Do you know the difference between a mild hybrid like a 2010 Honda Insight, and a full hybrid like the 2010 Toyota Prius? Or what happens to all hybrid vehicles when the weather gets cold? If you do, you're probably well versed in green cars, and you may already be a hybrid vehicle owner. If not...

  • 2010 Toyota Prius
    Ten Things the 2010 Toyota Prius Will Not Do For You

    It might make your world a better place, but that smug little Prius can't pull espresso, now, can it?

  • 2010 Toyota Prius
    2010 Toyota Prius: Our Fearless Predictions

    What's the new car all about? Here's our best guess before the world premiere.

  • 2010 Toyota Prius

    The first official pics of the new Prius leak out.

  • 2004 Toyota Prius 5dr HB (Natl) Open Doors
    The Prius's Not So Secret Gas-Mileage Secrets

    Toyota's gas champ uses an unconventional four-cylinder, along with its batteries, for superior mileage.

  • 2004 Toyota Prius 5dr HB (Natl) Front Exterior View
    How To Get Even More Gas Mileage from Your Prius

    Can you be in the 50-mpg club?

  • 2006 Toyota Prius
    Why's the Prius So Fuel-Efficient?

    Toyota's gas-electric hybrid uses clever tech to keep it sipping fuel.

  • 2008 Toyota Prius
    Toyota Prius: A Brief History in Time

    Toyota's Prius has gone from a grand experiment to a sales charts success.

  • 2008 Toyota Prius 5dr HB Base (Natl) Side Exterior View
    Plug-In Prius on the Way?

    A 100-mpg Prius could be in the offing, as Toyota plans a rechargeable version using home power outlets.

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