Beware Best Buy customers. Next time the Geek Squad drops by to accidentally crash your hard drive or drop your brand new plasma, you might not hear them coming. That's because Mitsubishi has agreed to lease Best Buy's electronics "professionals" four JDM-spec i-MiEVs (Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicles) for fleet use.

Best Buy entered the EV fray in August by offering the Brammo Enertia motorcycle for sale at some of their west coast stores. The latest move only reinforces the theory that America's largest electronics retailer sees an opportunity in the EV industry, whether it be selling the vehicles themselves, or providing EV charging points and accessories.

The deal is a smooth move for Mitsubishi as well. Their iMiEV is expected to go on sale in the U.S. within the next two years. If they're able to nudge a few of the Geek Squad's existing VW Bugs out of the picture in the meantime, all the better to promote their new electric car. It will take a lot more than some clever marketing for Mitsubishi to sell the iMiEV though. With a price approaching $50,000, they're up against some serious zero-emissions competition: namely the Tesla Model S. (For 50-large, we'll take the silent sport sedan, thank you.)

Source: Jalopnik