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  • Honda CR-V Hybrid introduced at 2017 Shanghai auto show

    It's one of the more frequently asked questions on consumer car sites: why aren't there any hybrid crossover utility vehicles? The Ford Escape Hybrid reigned alone in that segment from 2004 through 2012. Then Ford simply walked away from the segment, replacing it with the underwhelming C-Max Hybrid without all-wheel drive. It took until last year for the 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid to arrive, quickly racking thousands of sales each month; it was followed this year by the 2017 Nissan Rogue Hybrid. DON'T MISS: 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Gas Mileage Review Now, halfway around the world, a Honda CR-V...

  • 2017 Honda Clarity Electric
    Honda Clarity Electric, Plug-In Hybrid sedans revealed at NY auto show

    At the New York auto show this morning, Honda revealed the second and third powertrains for its Clarity mid-size sedan, now offered only in California with a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain. The 2017 Honda Clarity Electric and 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid are powered by a battery pack and a...

  • 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, Santa Barbara, CA, March 2017
    2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell: first drive of hydrogen-powered sedan

    There are now three different vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells on sale in California, and we've driven them all. The 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is the first one in which we were able to forget about the powertrain and simply drive. It's the best of the three, although that won't matter...

  • 2013 Honda Fit EV
    Honda researches high-power electric-car charging, at highway speeds

    Even with recent efforts to expand it, electric-car charging infrastructure is nowhere near rivaling the ubiquity of gas stations. But what if electric cars didn't need to stop to charge? That's essentially what a new Honda research project aims to investigate. DON'T MISS: Honda Clarity EV electric...

  • 2016 Honda CR-Z Final Label (Japanese spec)
    Honda: hybrids, plug-ins, fuel cells to be two-thirds of Europe sales by 2025

    Honda's green-car strategy for the next decade or so appears to be coming into greater focus. In place of its previous mild hybrids, the Japanese automaker is planning to produce much higher volumes of its two-motor hybrid powertrain, as seen first in the Accord Hybrid mid-size sedan. It also...

  • 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell
    Honda Clarity EV electric car to have only 80 miles of range: report

    One of the more eagerly awaited all-electric cars coming to market this year has been the 2018 Honda Clarity EV. It's a battery-electric version of the 2017 Clarity Fuel Cell already on sale in some regions of California, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. But unlike most of the pure electric cars on...

  • Honda WR-V (Indian-market version)

    Crossovers are so popular right now that several automakers are even trying to pass off conventional hatchbacks as high-riding utility vehicles. The latest example of this trend is the Honda WR-V, a new pseudo-crossover for the Indian market. Despite the extra plastic body cladding and slightly-different front and rear fascias, the WR-V looks very similar to the Honda Jazz subcompact hatchback it's based on. DON'T MISS: 2017 Chevy Spark Activ: fake crossover jacks up minicar into SUV wannabe (Nov 2016) The Jazz is sold in the U.S. as the Honda Fit and lends its platform to the HR-V crossover...

  • Image from 'Thinking About Tomorrow' video ad for 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell
    Honda Clarity Fuel Cell marketing theme: thinking about tomorrow

    A 40-year-old Fleetwood Mac song, floating childrens' heads, and hydrogen molecules all kick off the marketing campaign for the 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell hydrogen-powered vehicle. Like most marketing for hydrogen vehicles, the video ad above will likely be targeted only to California drivers...

  • 2017 Toyota Mirai
    Carmakers, fuel and oil companies form Hydrogen Council to promote fuel cells

    In addition to automakers and policymakers, battery-electric cars can count on support from a variety of advocacy groups. But grassroots support for hydrogen fuel-cell cars hasn't germinated to quite the same extent. So, in the absence of a large cadre of individual consumers to act as advocates, a...

  • General Motors Brownstown Township factory for assembly of Chevrolet Volt battery packs
    GM, Honda set up joint fuel-cell manufacturing plant, 2020 production goal

    Battery-electric cars are being delivered in volume today, but planned hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles from major automakers are on a more gradual timeframe. This morning, General Motors and Honda jointly announced that the two companies would establish a joint venture to produce hydrogen fuel-cell...

  • Brandfon Honda dealership
    Second Honda dealership achieves grid-neutral status

    If you're planning on buying a green car, have you ever wondered if you'll be making the purchase at a green dealership? As cars get more efficient, the carbon emissions related to the infrastructure for manufacturing and selling them should be considered as well. Honda has made some efforts in...

  • 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Sedan Grille
    Honda hybrid minivan, SUV, or pickup coming; dedicated hybrid in 2018 too

    In recent years, Honda has announced that it planned to release advanced-technology green cars in the future—without mentioning even their names, let alone any details or specifications. That's what happened two years ago with a pair of unnamed battery-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles...

  • 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid

    The 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid mid-size sedan returned last year, ending a one-year hiatus for the model. The new version uses an updated version of the two-motor hybrid powertrain fitted to earlier hybrid Accords, which were sold as 2014 and 2015 models. That powertrain is notable because it uses a gasoline engine to power the wheels in some situations—but without a transmission. DON'T MISS: 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid first drive (Jul 2016) This short video from Engineering Explained shows just exactly how the Accord Hybrid manages to do that. The two-motor hybrid system is paired to a...

  • First 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell customers, Torrance, California
    First 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedans delivered in California

    The first six 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedans were delivered to customers in California this week.

  • 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell
    2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell to lease for $369 a month

    Honda still says the 2017 Clarity Fuel Cell will go on sale before the end of the year.

  • 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell
    2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell rated at 366 miles of range by EPA

    The Toyota Mirai has taken the lead in U.S. sales of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, though it was beaten to market early last year by the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell. Through September, Toyota has sold 710 of its four-person Mirai sedan—though up to half of those sales came in August to employees...

  • 2017 Honda CR-V
    2017 Honda CR-V crossover: more standard safety features, turbo engine

    The 2017 Honda CR-V compact crossover utility vehicle was unveiled today, featuring more fuel-efficient powertrains, evolutionary styling ... and a volume knob for the radio. That latter detail may seem minor, but widespread complaining about the lack of such a knob was one of the few criticisms of...

  • 2017 Honda Fit
    2017 Honda Fit priced, unchanged

    The 2017 Honda Fit enters the new model year virtually unchanged.

  • 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid, Napa Valley, California, Jul 2016

    The 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid mid-size sedan was unveiled in April 2016—ending a one-year hiatus for a model that now offers the highest EPA gas-mileage ratings in the Honda lineup. The new model uses an updated version of the two-motor hybrid powertrain fitted to earlier hybrid Accords, which were sold as 2014 and 2015 models, but the plug-in hybrid Accord will not return. That low-volume plug-in Accord will be replaced by a 2018 Honda Clarity plug-in hybrid, also announced the same day. DON'T MISS: Green Car Reports' Best Car To Buy: 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid The 2017 Accord Hybrid...

  • 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid, Napa Valley, California, Jul 2016
    2017 Honda Accord Hybrid first drive

    The Honda Accord Hybrid was an impressive car when it launched as a 2014 model, but supply constraints frustrated buyers, and the hybrid mid-size sedan actually skipped the 2016 model year. For 2017, it's back in the lineup, with a slightly improved hybrid system and a host of updates made to the...

  • 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell
    2017 Honda Clarity preview

    The 2017 Honda Clarity is a mid-size four-door sedan that will ultimately be offered with three different powertrains. The Clarity Fuel Cell, the first version to launch, will be powered by electricity generated by an onboard fuel cell fed by compressed hydrogen. Then, next year, two more versions...

  • 2017 Honda Clarity prototype testing in Southern California, July 2016  [photo: Sean Alarid]
    2017 Honda Clarity spy shots from testing show debut is close

    If you're a nascent spy photographer for cars, Detroit is the place to be for the domestic companies. Southern California is the site for many Asian brands, even though Toyota and Nissan have largely decamped for other regions. Which is how one alert reader came to snap these photos of a 2017 Honda...

  • Honda CR-Z Alpha Final Label Edition (Japanese spec)
    Honda CR-Z hybrid sport coupe production to end, apparently

    Honda releases the Alpha Final Label special edition in Japan.

  • 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell with American Honda's John Mendel, Apr 2016
    2018 Honda Clarity electric versions: first details, including 40-plus-mile range for plug-in hybrid

    The 2017 Honda Clarity will arrive in showrooms late this year with a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain, one of three hydrogen-powered vehicles that will be sold in limited numbers in specific California regions that have hydrogen fueling stations up and running. But Honda has much larger plans for the...

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