Honda and Chinese battery maker CATL have inked a long-term partnership, including use of CATL batteries in Honda electric cars, as well as joint development of battery technology.

The first Honda model with CATL batteries is scheduled to launch in the Chinese market in 2022, Honda said in a press release Friday.

The partnership also encompasses "joint R&D into fundamental technologies," Honda said. One area the two companies plan to explore is battery recycling and reuse, according to the automaker.

With the alliance, the two companies plan to "establish a long-term relationship," Honda said.

"By strengthening technological cooperation and the competitive supply system, CATL and Honda will strive to realize global electrification together," the automaker said.

Honda isn't the only one to strengthen its ties with CATL.

Honda Everus EV concept

Honda Everus EV concept

Toyota made a deal with the company last year that included battery supply and joint development, including work on solid-state batteries.

CATL is supplying some batteries to Tesla in China, but Tesla recently made a long-term agreement with Panasonic. CATL recently made clear that it's offering up a 16-year, million-mile battery to all automakers, not just Tesla.

The battery maker has considered a United States plant, as rivals LG Chem and SK Innovation already have manufacturing footprints here.

Honda also has a partnership with GM that will result in at least two Honda fully electric vehicles for the U.S. market, built by GM. Those are due to use GM's battery technology, which is supported by CATL rival LG Chem.

Right now, Honda does not sell any battery-electric cars in the U.S., having discontinued the Clarity Electric at the end of the 2019 model year. It still sells plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel-cell versions of the Clarity in the U.S., however.