• VW ID Buggy Concept first drive

    The Buggy gives us our first taste of the MEB platform coming to the U.S. soon.

  • Buick Enspire electric SUV concept
    All-electric Buick Enspire crossover SUV concept bows in China

    Buick unveiled Tuesday an electric crossover SUV concept bound for the 2018 Beijing auto show with promise. In addition to 370 miles of range, the Buick Enspire concept can charge up to 80 percent in 40 minutes through fast and wireless charging. Its motors combine for 410 kilowatts (550...

  • Ssangyong SIV-2 Concept for Geneva Motor Show
    Ssangyong To Introduce New Hybrid System, SUV At Geneva

    Ssangyong is unknown to most Americans as a vehicle brand; yet at least a couple of this Korean automaker's new compact crossover models—the Tivoli, and a second upcoming model previewed in a Geneva Motor Show concept teased this week—could potentially land right in the sweet spot for...

  • Nissan IDS concept, 2015 Tokyo Motor Show
    Nissan IDS Concept: Autonomous Electric Car At Tokyo Motor Show

    At the Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan has revealed a concept car that gives a glimpse of what electric-car ownership could be like many years into the future—and, perhaps, provides a few more hints of what’s in store for the second-generation Nissan Leaf. Called the Nissan IDS Concept, it...

  • Porsche Mission E Concept  -  2015 Frankfurt Auto Show live photos
    Concepts Preview Shared Platform For Porsche, Audi Premium EVs?

    To those who want a luxury vehicle with an all-electric powertrain, California’s Tesla Motors has had the market under wraps for many years. But that’s slated to change quite soon, as each of the German automakers prepare all-electric vehicles. And there are some strong hints in the...

  • Korbiyor autonomous electric hearse
    Autonomous Electric Hearse: Designer's Concept For The Last Mile

    Here's one concept for a future driver-less electric hearse.

  • Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport concept, 2015 Wörthersee Tour

    Could the Volkswagen GTI and the all-wheel-drive Golf R high-performance compact-car models be headed toward a plug-in hybrid future? One new concept, the Golf GTE Sport, proposes that—while clearly aiming more than a few years into the future. A May gathering at Austria’s Lake Wörthersee has become a tradition for Volkswagen GTI fans—and for the VW Group to show off a bit, with a glimpse of a potential design-and-technology future. There, while a special Golf GTI Clubsport concept—headed for production next year—celebrates the 40th birthday of the GTI. the...

  • Lexus LF-SA concept, 2015 Geneva Motor Show
    Minicars And Microcars: How Small Could Lexus Go?

    The Lexus LF-SA Concept that made a first appearance this past month at the Geneva Motor Show definitely pushes the brand into unexpected design territory—and down to an unexpectedly small size. At just 136 inches long, 67 inches wide, and 56 inches high, the concept that Lexus described as...

  • Scion iM Concept at 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show
    Scion iM Concept Previews New Compact Five-Door Hatchback

    The Scion iM is a thinly-disguised concept version of the Toyota "youth" brand's next model.

  • Fomm Concept One
    Electric-Car Concept From Japan Floats Like A Boat In Emergencies

    The Fomm Concept One is an electric car designed to take on a tsunami.

  • Audi Allroad Shooting Brake Concept leaked iamges
    2014 Detroit Auto Show: Audi Allroad Shooting Brake Full Details

    Audi has a plug-in hybrid concept vehicle for most months of the year, and January's, on show at the Detroit Auto Show, is the Audi Allroad Shooting Brake concept. From the car's moniker alone you can deduce most of it's key attributes. "Allroad" means it has pseudo-off road crossover styling cues...

  • Volvo Concept XC Coupe, 2014 Detroit Auto Show
    Volvo Concept XC Coupe To Make Detroit Debut

    This year's Detroit Auto Show is a little light on truly green car content, so most attention will instead turn to downsized engines and vehicles offering subtle improvements in fuel economy. As part of Volvo's future plans, all its five and six-cylinder engines will be phased out in favor of...

  • Audi Sport quattro concept with laser headlights, 2014 Consumer Electronics Show

    Most modern concept cars are lightly glitzed-up versions of the cars we'll see on the streets in subsequent years, but every so often an automaker develops a concept simply to show off its future technology. That's certainly the case with the Audi Sport Quattro Laserlight plug-in hybrid concept going on display at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. If you hadn't guessed from the name, the concept has been designed to show off Audi's laser headlight technology--expected to become more and more prevalent in luxury and sports cars over the coming years. MUST READ: Electric Cars...

  • 2014 Volkswagen Golf (European spec)
    New York Auto Show Preview: Green Production Cars & Concepts

    Media days at the New York International Auto Show start a week from today, and there's a big slate of green cars coming this year. This year's show will offer everything from vehicles heading into production that you'll find in showrooms in a few months to concepts that have little chance of being...

  • Toyota i-Road concept car
    Toyota i-Road Electric Urban Minicar Swarms The Roads (Video)

    There's a lot to like about auto shows. Seeing new production models can be truly exciting, and chatting with industry insiders offers new perspectives on the automotive world. But for many folks, the best part of any auto show is the abundance of concept cars. Like haute couture clothing, concept...

  • Active wheel shutters  -  Ford Atlas Concept  -  2013 Detroit Auto Show
    Ford Atlas Truck Concept Demos Fuel-Saving Active Wheel Shutters

    In order to improve the aerodynamics of new vehicles—and boost their highway gas mileage—automotive engineers have looked to a new series of seemingly minor features that add up to meaningful gains in EPA ratings. One of them is the active grille shutters that have become increasingly...

  • Tesla Model ST wagon render by Theophilus Chin
    The Tesla Model S Electric Wagon We Wish They'd Build

    High-performance wagons are easy to appreciate. Plenty of utility, but none of the sacrifices that practicality usually implies. If they look great and run on electricity, like Theophilus Chin's render of a Tesla Model 'ST', then all the better. Chin's render (via Autoblog Green) is so slick you'd...

  • Lexus LF-CC coupe concept, 2012 Paris Auto Show
    Lexus LF-CC Hybrid Coupe Confirmed For Production: Report

    Lexus is set to start development on a production version of the LF-CC hybrid coupe concept, according to reports. Autocar has revealed that Lexus has assigned a senior engineer to the project, and that work will begin in early 2013. The LF-CC concept was first unveiled at the 2012 Paris Auto Show...

  • Smart 'Forjeremy' Electric Drive art car

    It isn't unknown for Smart to unveil an unusual concept car every now and then--the For-US pickup would be a good example. But thanks to fashion designer Jeremy Scott, Smart has unveiled probably its oddest vehicle yet. Based on the current Fortwo Electric Drive model, it isn't hard to see what makes the car so bizzarre--where normally the car would end abruptly, instead the 'forjeremy' has sprouted wings. The worlds of fashion and automobiles have collided before with varying results, but few have stood out so much as the be-winged Smart. Hand-formed The wings are made of fiberglass, and...

  • Audi A2 Concept, Frankfurt Motor Show, September 2011
    Audi Plans 200 MPG-Plus High-Tech Small Car

    In mainland Europe, where gas mileage is measured in liters used per 100 kilometers (l/100km), a 'three liter car' doesn't usually refer to engine capacity. Instead, it means 3L/100km, or around 78 MPG. And now Audi wants to make a one-liter car--the equivalent of 235 MPG. Revealed by What Car, the...

  • Car2Go Smart ForTwo Electric Drive in San Diego
    Car Sharing: The Job For Which Electric Cars Are Already Perfect

    What would make electric cars perfect for you? Maybe it'd take a 300-mile range, or a sub-$15,000 price tag, or the ability to charge from empty in five minutes. But you could argue that current electric cars are already perfect--for car sharing schemes. City life Car sharing is becoming...

  • BMW i3 Concept MkII
    BMW i4 Concept Electric Coupe To Appear At LA Show: Report

    BMW could be set to unveil a new, sporty electric car at the upcoming 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show. Likely to be based on the BMW i3 electric city car, the new BMW 'i4' would be a more "fasionable and sporty" model to complement the i3 in BMW's increasing electric range. According to French magazine...

  • Lexus LF-CC Concept, 2012 Paris Auto Show
    Lexus LF-CC Concept: Paris Auto Show Live Photos

    Lexus revealed its LF-CC hybrid coupe concept shortly before the 2012 Paris Auto Show, and now we can bring you a live image gallery from the show itself. The dramatic-looking coupe is the boldest expression of the marque's 'L-finesse' design language and one of the most distinctive cars of the...

  • Smart ForStars concept, 2012 Paris Auto Show
    Smart Forstars Concept: Paris Auto Show Live Photos

    Smart might be struggling to sell its ageing ForTwo at the moment but its design department is certainly keeping busy. The 2012 Paris Auto Show, which got underway last Thursday for members of the press, allowed Smart to unveil yet another concept car previewing the next Fortwo, expected to be...

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