audi a2 main630 01

audi a2 main630 01

The last we heard Audi was working on a new generation of its slow selling but technologically advanced A2 hatchback for launch in 2015. According to latest reports, a concept version of this new A2 could be revealed as early as the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show this September, and it’s expected to be classified as an e-tron model, meaning electric power under the hood.

Audi apparently is keen to steal the limelight from the BMW i3 Megacity Vehicle, which is also expected to be revealed in Frankfurt this September, but in production trim.

Whereas BMW is going the carbon fiber route with its new i3, Audi is thought to be sticking with an aluminum spaceframe despite this being one of the main criticisms of the last A2. The expensive construction method priced the relatively modest hatchback out of the competition when it was sold early last decade, but back then fuel prices and environmental consciousness were nowhere near the levels they are at today.

Audi sees a space for a highly advanced electric car between its entry-level A1 and A3 range, which is exactly where the A2 would fit. Like the previous model, it’s also expected to feature a tallish minivan shape, and it should remain small and light.

The latest information was revealed to Auto Express by an inside source who also revealed that the A2 would be exclusively powered by an electric motor. The story doesn’t end there as the insider went on to reveal that if the new A2 proves successful in the marketplace it could eventually spawn a whole family of models based on the same basic platform.

Unfortunately, even if an A2 concept is unveiled this year, a production version isn’t expected until 2015 and even then it may not come to the U.S.

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