The Toyota Corolla Hybrid gains performance, tech, and AWD, but loses some mpg. Audi is actively cleaning the air with EVs. BMW announced some big battery plans for the U.S. And is the EV price surge starting to calm? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The 2023 Toyota Corolla Hybrid mpg is down, but there are many gains in performance and features for the new model year—including the availability of all-wheel drive. What’s the incentive to opt for the Prius now?

BMW announced that it’s partnered with AESC—yes, the longtime supplier of Nissan Leaf batteries—to make cylindrical cells for U.S.-made EVs. That means a dedicated 30-gigawatt-hour battery plant in South Carolina. 

Audi is testing how EVs might help clean the air, actively removing health-affecting particulate matter that may come from tailpipes, brakes, or tires. The automaker says the solution has no negative impact on performance aspects, including range and charging. 

And the results of a recent report from Recurrent suggest that used EV prices may have peaked. They’re already showing signs of settling, according to the firm—although just 12% of the current used-EV inventory might fall within the $25,000 price cutoff allowed by the new federal tax credit applying to used EVs. 


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