Americans prefer point-of-sale EV rebates, and we’d all save money in the process. Could faster-charging batteries save raw materials? And Honda rolls out a new generation of the CR-V Hybrid, with hopes for it to be a sporty, high-mpg sales leader. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Honda revealed a new generation of its Honda CR-V, as well as a new generation of its two-motor hybrid system. With a new configuration for the system and more motor torque—no mention of mpg yet—the 2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid is now the sporty model in the lineup, with expectations that it will make up half of CR-V sales. 

We’ve known for a long time that buyers prefer point-of-sale EV rebates to EV tax credits. But a recent study suggests that buyers prefer them so much that they’d take a lesser amount of “cash on the hood”—potentially saving the federal government and taxpayers. It’s more equitable, too, the study authors argue.  

And would faster-charging battery cells allow smaller battery packs, cutting weight and reducing dependence on precious metals? That’s the premise behind a number of battery startups, Reuters recently highlighted. And although it could be a key to unlocking some lower-priced EVs for Americans, adopting some of this technology might not need to be an either/or proposition.


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