We round up all the new EVs that will be arriving this calendar year. Electric versions of an Airstream trailer, Winnebago RV, and more show the shift of another industry is starting. And GM fuel cells won’t be used for passenger vehicles, but they might charge them. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

GM has big plans for its Hydrotec fuel-cell technology. On Wednesday it revealed that the fuel-cell “power cubes” might power DC fast-charging where the grid won’t allow it or be a part of energy buffering for renewables. With Utah’s Renewable Innovations, it sees a potential business line of modular generators, scaling from worksite-sized all the way up to industrial-sized.

The eStream, an electrified version of the classic Airstream travel trailer, promises to reduce the range loss of EV tow vehicles—or improve the mpg of gas or diesel models—while capable of remotely maneuvering itself in and out of parking spaces. It’s just a concept for now, but it follows Airstream’s intent to go electric, announced about a year ago. 

The Florida RV show where the eStream took its bow was also the debut venue for two electric motorhome concepts: Winnebago e-RV concept—based on the Ford Transit, with a conversion from Lightning eMotors—and a Vision Vehicle concept from Thor that incorporates a fuel cell and solar roof to allow 300 miles of range or seven days of onboard energy. 

And we rounded up all the EVs arriving in 2022, laying them out by expected U.S. delivery date, starting price, and range. Even after filtering out new versions of models that have already arrived, it’s quite a list. 


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