The EV tax credit could be stalled for months in the Senate. The Lucid Air is a Best Car To Buy Finalist. We get a first look at an all-electric GMC Sierra. And how much does cold weather affect EV range? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

General Motors’ GMC truck brand yesterday teased the all-electric version of its Sierra full-size pickup—due to be revealed in 2022 and produced in 2023. While the closely related Chevy Silverado EV will focus on affordability and fleet use, the electric Sierra will launch in luxurious Denali guise. Expect it to return something close to the Silverado EV’s anticipated 400 miles of range in some versions, though.

Cold weather presents a challenge for electric vehicles, and frigid temps affect each EV model differently, underscores a new report tapping into real-world data. Battery chemistry plays a part; so do thermal management strategies and whether or not the model includes a heat pump. 

According to reports from Capitol Hill, the Build Back Better bill that contains an EV tax credit expansion might be stalled in the Senate for months, as other legislation is prioritized. Beyond that, it faces Joe Manchin and various procedural steps that could still affect the expansion, which adds a bonus for union-built models.

And this morning we outlined why the Lucid Air is one of our Best Car To Buy 2022 finalists. From its 520-mile range and its fastest-yet charging rate, to its next-level propulsion components and holistic reinterpretation of luxury and design, it’s one of this year’s most formidable challengers. 


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