Subaru reveals its electric car, and Kia teases the future of electric SUVs from the brand a bit more. Geely shows its Tesla Semi rival. And could a new method work for keeping EV charging cables cool? This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

The first mass-production electric vehicle from Subaru took a bow last night in prototype form. While the 2023 Subaru Solterra didn’t flaunt the steering yoke teased by its Toyota bZ4X cousin, it does keep the option open for a solar roof and clearly carries Subaru styling into the EV age. In a U.S.-spec version expected soon, the Solterra might achieve an EPA range rating of more than 250 miles and will likely arrive only with all-wheel drive.

Could phase-change cooling help speed up fast-charging without bulkier cables? Research from Ford and Purdue University are working on the idea, and how it might be able to extract more heat versus typical liquid-cooled fast-charging cables—potentially with less energy and bulk.

Kia also released another round of teased photos that show its EV9 as a futuristic concept look at a large electric SUV due as soon as a couple years from now. The concept will be fully revealed next week at the LA auto show.

And the Tesla Semi potentially has a rival—at least on the global stage. Earlier this week, Volvo and Polestar parent Geely previewed a production-bound electric semi called the Homtruck. Although tech specs weren’t released, the emphasis on big-data connectivity, sustainability, and supposed Level 4 autonomous driving will make this one of the most tech-connected big rigs—and potentially a source of awkwardness with Volvo Trucks.


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