Kia revealed its electric SUV coupe of the future, in concept form. Ford appears to be planning to build both of its important electrified F-150 version in Michigan. And the SEMA aftermarket show is clearly aiming for electric, as Ford teased a one-off 800V electric Mustang and Chevy built a crate electric setup into a vintage truck. This and more today at Green Car Reports. 

At the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, Chevrolet has shown a “crate propulsion package” fitted to a hot-rodded 1962 Chevy C-10 pickup. With two Bolt EV motors plus twin 60-kwh battery packs, it’s a double shot of Bolt to make a very appealing one-of-a-kind electric truck. 

Also at SEMA Ford revealed a very fast, all-electric 900-horsepower Mustang. Built with supplier Webasto, the concept includes some old and some new, as we’ve come to expect from modern Mustangs. It has advanced 800V battery and power systems, and yet Ford has managed to keep a manual transmission. It’s all just for show. 

Kia has shown a concept called the Futuron that points to the “SUV coupe” of the future. The brand also calls it a “sports car on an SUV platform,” and with a rebelliously long hood for an electric car, in-wheel motors and a next-generation EV platform, it’s something refreshingly different to look forward to. 

We already know that both an electric Ford F-150 and an F-150 hybrid are on the way soon; but in the course of negotiations with the UAW it’s become known that Ford intends to assemble both electrified trucks near its headquarters in Dearborn. 


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