The fully electric version of the Ford F-150 pickup is potentially due as soon as 2021. However Ford hasn’t yet confirmed exactly where the electric F-150 would be produced. 

A document provided by the UAW, posted by Automotive News reporter Michael Martinez, provided some resolution to that in a Crain's Detroit Business piece. The document breaks down future product plans and investments by location, and showed Ford’s Dearborn (Michigan) plant as being the location. 

Under Ford’s product plans, its first widely available electric vehicle is a Mustang-inspired performance electric SUV. That model will precede the electric F-150 and be delivered sometime next year, after a reveal later this month. 

The same document shows Dearborn as the location for a battery build-up operation—likely where provided cells or modules are assembled into a proprietary Ford battery pack for the F-150. It’s all part of a $700 million investment. 

Ford’s Kansas City plant is also due to build the next-generation version of the F-150 but won’t make the electrified versions. Kansas City will, however, make a new fully electric version of the Transit commercial vans. 

Ford Atlas Concept

Ford Atlas Concept

The electric version isn’t the only electrified F-150 in the works. Ford confirmed last fall that the long-anticipated F-150 hybrid will also be produced at Dearborn. It’s due to be introduced soon, as a 2020 model, and is expected to have a single-motor hybrid system, integrated into a 10-speed automatic, in a similar arrangement to what’s already used in the Ford Explorer Hybrid but with a power takeoff that can be used for camping or by work crews.